What is a non-extraditable warrant? How does that differ from one that is extraditable?

Answer:   A warrant for an arrest is issued by a court. That warrant is issued for specified charges. Those charges may not be of sufficient caliber for another state to observe the warrant. IE. a friend of mine sold a car in California and moved back to New Mexico. The plates on the car were good for almost a full year so the new owner did not register the car and got almost five hundred parking tickets. A California court issued a warrant for my friends arrest. New Mexico would not serve it because the charges were minor multiple misdemeanors and not extraditable. Had the charges been for a fourth degree felony or higher then the NM courts would have honored the warrant and arrested my friend and extradited him to California.
It means that you dont need to be extridited to handle it.
a nonex is only valid in the jurisdiction its issued in. ex can be enforced in any jursidiction that has extraditability agreements or treaties.

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