Good behavior in prison?

Example if you are sentenced 10 years in prison. How much time can be reduced if you have good behavior in prison?

In general a person gets 1 day for every 7 days so if they are sentenced to 21 days then they only serve 18.

In prison there are other programs that a person can do into to reduce the time spent some give even better deals for good behavior.
It depends on the laws of the state or country where you were convicted.
Depends on what state as well. In California, all convicts either serve 1/2 or 2/3 time depending on sentencing. That is because our prisons are completely overcrowded, and the California justice system is horrifically corrupt. Good behavior also stacks sometimes with the time reduction, as well as other programs, so the average inmate only serves about 1/3-1/2 or there sentence barring any further convictions while imprisoned.
The exact formula varies from state to state, and some prisoners are subject to the laws passed by one legislature as opposed to another, according to the time of their conviction relative to laws passed. In Texas, for example, there are prisoners who may be serving a sentence under what we, affectionately, refer to as the "old law," the "old-old law," the "new law," and the "new-new law," respectively. These difficulties arise from the existence of so-called ex post facto clauses in our legal system.

The Federal prison system is a different matter altogether.
This does depend on the state or jurisdiction. In Tennessee, an inmate will receive 16days of good time, if they do not receive any disciplinaries (write-ups for misbehaving) and also has a job or is in school. So if you were sentenced in Tennessee, and you got a job as soon as you got into state prison and behaved you could reduce your sentence just over half. In the Federal Prison System you only get 54 days of good time per year and only if you don't get disciplinaries. So if you get one on the last day of the year you forfeit the good time for that year. So during a 10 year sentence in the Federal System you can earn up to 540 days off the sentence. Hope this helps. Also, if you don't commit any crimes you won't get a sentence, so you will have 100% good time :-)
In Indiana, your time gets cut in half for good behavior.
Like if you're sentenced to 10 years, you'll only do 5 years
with good behavior.
4 days good behavior = 5 days served.

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