Isn't illegal to not pay overtime?

I work in GA, at a school system. I am an hourly employee. I am not paid overtime when I work over 40 hours a week but I am given comp time. Is it not illegal to not be paid overtime? How are they getting around it?

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Well this is a tricky situation. Technically, if you agreed to comp time youa re not working overtime as you are given the same amount of hours off as the hours you worked.
I consulted the FLSA regs for Georgia. The onyl time it is required that they pay is if you worked hours in excess to your madatory full time hours for a given pay period.
So, if you are to work 40 a week, 8 hours a day, but instead you work 40 hours a week and work one day 12 hours and the next 4 hours, they are not required to pay you over time.
If you have questions just consult your georgia state labor board website.
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Depends on how many days are in the work cycle. I work an 8 day work cycle. I work 4 on and 4 off. I work a total of 48 hours. When I work overtime, the first 2:45 go to comp time and the rest into overtime for each week.
Some jobs aren't allowed to be paid overtime. The most recent that has been added to the list are in-home medical care personnel.
If you work the hours you should be paid for them, but there is no law that says over so many hours you should get an increase in hourly pay.
There are loopholes in the overtime law that make certain positions exempt from the overtime law. Also overtime only applies to anything over 40 hours in a work week which is not necessarily a calender week.
Government offices will normally give comp time for anything over 40 hours. Remember, they wrote the employment laws.
Anything agricultural does not pay overtime either.
In my work history I had to deal with both.
I am not sure how a school system is getting around it unless you are being paid from a farm account. I used to work for a company (poultry ) as a welder in the shop well i was paid over time and later i had enough and started driving a truck to the chicken house farms, etc. delivering feed, forklifts equipemt etc, and then i was not paid over time i was on as farm. and a farm business was not requrired to pay the over time. it was a joke.unfair , i am not so certain as to how they are doing this but before i brought it up i would do some research and see what u can find out ask some co workers., U may have something , as of even now this company i mentioned is forced to pay over time and some of the long term guys got a big bonus pay for back time it could be a scheme , but most likley they have their ducks in a row not excatly fair but its ther cheap way of paying for labor.
It's not illegal. Alot of companies either provide comp, or flex-time instead.

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