I received a jury duty notice and I am moving out of state. What do I do?

I had received a jury duty notice for next week and I am moving out of state. How do I go about getting out of it?
Answer:   Depends, when are you moving? you could show up and
if you are selected you can tell them that you are moving
and tell them when, you will probably get excused. If you
are already in the process of moving, call the courts and
tell them.
Just call them and tell them. If you have your new address and when you will be leaving, they will more than likely excuse you.
Just contact them and explain...they will understand. You cannot be expected to serve in this case.
JustGetItRight is most correct. Regardless, you MUST show. This is why they call it "Duty."
The last time I was summoned, I had just retired from the military and was a full time student at the university. My prof.s said it would be an unexcused absense.
I reported for duty and when called to be in a pool of prospective jurors, we were asked if we felt we should not be in on this particular case. I told them that regardless of the evidence, I was going to find the worthless, little, piece of sh_t guilty. Nineteen years old and just recently released having been incarcarated for child molestation and statutory rape. He was again in front of the judge for having done it again! I explained that I am retired military, a combat vet and that I'm now in school (on my dime), that this was an unexcused absense and that if he was dumb enough be of suspicion again, he's guilty. I was back in class the very next day.
Contact the office resposible and discuss it with them. Don't ignore it.

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