I know my ex-Landlord has opened my post, because he has forwarded it to my HR manager at work. what do I do?

Some of my mail has been delivered to my ex-landlords house with health information or from creditors that he has opened and passed onto my HR manager, in a envelope she received today (i know it was him because she said he also phoned her,) I am not sure what it was as she just said over the phone to me that mail sent to my old address was sent to her open and contains rather personal informaion, she is forwarding it to me as I am away on holiday at the moment where do I go from here? I know I should have changed adresses quickly but I moved out rather quickly as he was a terrible bully and didn't really want me living their... just my money. now he is making my life hell even after moving out..

Given that this answer is posted on YA UK&Ireland, this answer is based on UK law on this matter.

The Postal Services Act 2000 s84 contains a number of offences in relation to mail and tempering with mail.

"A person commits an offence if they without reasonable excuse intentionally delay or open a postal packet in the course of transmission by post or intentionally opens a mail bag.

A person commits an offence if, intending to act to a person's detriment and without reasonable excuse, opens a postal packet which they know or suspect to have been delivered incorrectly."

So, the second applies here. The landlord knows/must suspect that the mail has been wrongly delivered (as you no longer live at the location). Therefore the problem becomes proving whether or not he intended to act to your detriment, and that he had no reasonable excuse. Very, very difficult to prove as he can always claim a reasonable excuse, in that he opened it to see if it was relevant to your HR manager who he then posted it onto.

If you're worried about the situation, get onto a solicitor and take legal advice, or write a letter/phone the landlord and tell him about the above act. This may be enough to scare him from doing the same again, especially if you tell him that if convicted he faces up to 6 months in jail and a fine!
Opening someone else's mail is a federal offense. Mention that to your landlord and tell you him are getting an attorney (even if you are not) - it will scare him. As for your HR person, there is not much they can do unless your mail states that you have been arrested for a felony or something.
Opening someone's mail without their
permission is a violation of federal
postal law.

Tell the local postmaster. He will give
your ex-landlord a phone call and put the
fear of the postman in him!
File a complaint with your postmaster...Just go to the post office and talk to him/her.
How does he know your HR manager?
Maybe you should have thought before you went and moved and then on holiday? Why didn't he send it to you? You could seek legal advice as to whether or not you can have him for opening your mail.
Visit your local police station and press charges!

Mail tampering is a federal offense!

It is possible he saved some of your mail (checks, credit card applications, etc.) and might be inclined to do something to spite you if you start threatening him with federal charges.
In Canada, noone is allowed to tamper with the mail, except the recipient who's name is on the envelope or the law with a court order. Since it came directly to your employer from your ex landlord, you have chain of evidence that proove your exlandlord opened or recieved opened mail. In Canada and the US its a federal offence to tamper with the mail. Since you don't like him anyway, call the cops.
Forget the landlord and forget the police. Go to the post office and get the number for the postal inspectors. These guys are law enforcement officers with the same jurisdiction as the FBI, but their only job is to investigate crimes concerning mail. What he did is a big no no. I used to work for the post office.
Go straight to your post office and file a complaint. Postal Inspectors carry more power than your local police or FBI agent. His opening mail that was not addressed to him is considered a federal offense punishable by 5 years in jail and a$250,000 fine. i sure you bully of an exlandlord would just love that to happen to him-NOT
Report to the Post office and the Police. It is a criminal offence to open anyone Else's mail even a close relatives. Unless given power of attorney.

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