Why do women on welfare have more children?

Okay so you have one child and you ask for welfare because now you see that its harder than it looks not acceptable but I'll let you slide but why would do they keep having children and asking the goverment for help. And Furthermore what can be done stop it. And when I say stop it I mean as the majority. You know Middle Class citizen busting his or her rump off only so 1/8 of my check can go to some lazy person who loves to screw and goes running to the goverment when they get knocked up.
Answer:   Honestly I don't know. It's a good question. I was on welfare after my husband lost his job and we were homeless but we had one kid. We still got one kid now that we have a house and he has a job. The rules are that you need to be in a program to get a job or go to school. And if you get pregnant and receive money, you won't be getting money for the baby thats in the oven. Most women there, already have a lot of kids and are probably making not enough money, thats why they get help.

There is a limit to how long they can be on welfare. There also is a limit to help with housing and food stamps. The stamps and every help they get depends on the number of members on the household. If the woman gets pregnant the new baby is not included. She keeps getting the same amount of help. Plus they put the adults to work and they pay for childcare so they can get off welfare.
To get more welfare money!
Most people don't plan their families. Rich people are often as surprised as poor people when they find out they're pregnant. Sure, people in financial difficulty would probably be smart to avoid having more kids, but on the other hand, do we really want a nation where only the rich can reproduce? I struggled financially most of my life. When we had our second and then our third child, there were people who gave us a hard time. But my children were our greatest blessing when everything else seemed bleak. Things got better later, but if we had waited until we were financially solvent, we would have been too old to have kids. I'm glad we didn't wait.
Why? Because of irresponsible behavior.

Yes unplanned pregnancies happen..to people who don't PLAN to not get pregnant.

I dont want to question or be in the middle of someone else's reproductive rights. But I shouldnt be expected to pay for YOUR mistakes either.

I'll stay away from your ovaries if you stay away from my wallet, how's that?

I for one am getting sick and d@mn tired of being expected to bail out others constantly ... many of whom have no one else but themselves to blame for their own predicaments.
The more children woman on welfare has, the more money she gets. To the ignorant and uneducated, it's a way of generating more income. Of course, the money can go to buying lotto tickets or booze instead of on the children. They can let the children take care of themselves. Many of them, in fact, do. And of course, the welfare mother can let her children work underage or sell drugs as a means to generate even more money for herself. For some welfare women, it's very lucrative business to be in.

My feeling is that I think it's allowed, and even encouraged in very subtle ways because raising children in poverty and squalor so bleak that going to prison actually could be a more attractive and comfortable situation for young men, especially those in gangs.

Perhaps instead of griping about the welfare mothers, why not gripe about this--prison is huge industry right now. And for many big businesses (construction companies, vendor, and suppliers), it too is an incredbily lucrative business to be in. Prisoners are a kind of human capital. The more prisoners, the more new business that can be generated.

So while you may gripe that 1/8 of your salary goes to keeping "lazy" people on welfare, you may consider that you are actually helping the economy and your own job security a great deal, if that's the kind of economy you want to partake in. But the question is--don't you think this great country of ours can think of less exploitative and more socially-responsible ways to create new industries?
people are ignorant now a days, and there is a limit to how long they can be on welfare. They can be on it for a maximum of 2 years now (in canada anyways) Some people prob think their life is screwed up so why not make it more screwed up. While they are at it, have more children even though they have a low income and have more kids so they still qualify to get moeny from the government?? there are ppl like this all over and have nothing to live for. its depressing really. this system sucks
I don't know that people on welfare really want to be on welfare. You don't really have a great lifestyle that way- I had some friends who were on welfare, and it really wasn't pretty. They lived in overcrowded crummy housing with really weird people and they didn't have money to buy nice clothes or particularly good food. They couldn't afford cars and sometimes even a bus pass was out of reach. One guy didn't even have a bed; he slept on a beat-up sofa that looked like he found it on the curb on garbage day. Who would live like that if they felt like they had better options?

So I think the thing to do is to help people feel like they truly have better options. Even if they're not technically trapped being welfare moms, they may FEEL trapped, which amounts to as much. There are a lot of good services out there that I think people don't know about. For instance, I recently learned that in my hometown there is a public school for single moms that has a free daycare, but I don't think my friend who dropped out of school when she had a baby knew about it. Also, there's got to be 100% free birth control (any and all methods) and women have to know about it and be able to take advantage of it. When you're living on $600 a month or something like that, any expense is a significant expense that may cut into the food budget or make the utilities get cut off. Combined with feeling hopeless, it probably leads a person to cut corners and take chances when it comes to birth control.

Imagine it... you're broke all the time. You have no money to go to the movies. You can't go out to eat. You can't drive anywhere. You don't have $5 to pay the cover charge to go to a music show. You don't have cable TV. You can't afford to travel. You can't pay a babysitter and go out for the evening. You can't buy nice food to have a dinner party. You can't save up to buy anything nice that you want. It seems like things will never get better. And then some preachy person is telling you that you shouldn't have sex either? Get real. People are going to have sex because a) they have hormones and b) it's one way to have fun without shelling out money up front. But maybe if they didn't get pregnant from that sex and have even more babies to make things harder, it would be easier for them to eventually see a way out.

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