Have you ever been cited for any offense other thana minor traffic violation?If so explain on your application

Are they allowed to ask this question on an employment application even if there wasn't a conviction? So if you were cited for something, but the charges were dropped then you have to answer this question?

Employers do have a right to ask. You have the choice to not answer. Not answering can mean you don't get the job.

The reasons employers can ask depend on the job. Working with kids? Violent offense? Driving problems? A great deal of it has to do with insurance companies not be willing to bond you. An example being if you have a DWI, you probably won't be able to be insured by a company that will have you do a lot of driving.

It is legal to ask. And you are entitled to a copy of your background check, should you request it.
If it will show up on your record then you better mention it but say it was dropped. If it doesn't show up then forget about it.
Naw you chill. I got 3 charges and they got dropped after i did some time in rehab. But once they dropped its a done deal
I would get a copy of your own background check and see what is on there. It may depend on what state you are in and if the records have been sealed. I am running into this problem with my husband he was arrested 2x and not convicted but because his records were not sealed in the state of TN arrests are considered public information and showed on his background check. Had to get documentation proving there was no conviction and am now having his records sealed. If the records are sealed I would not mention having past problems.
employers usually ask if you've ever been convicted of a crime. if u haven't been convicted...then the answer is no.

If u have been convicted. please don't put "Yes - will discuss in interview". Put something like."1992 - Robbery - willing to discuss/explain".

If they don't make you sign a release to check your criminal background then they may not be able to check it out anyway. Check the laws in your state.

depending on the job...they may be looking for felonies. driving jobs might be looking for criminal traffic offenses.
I put no. I can't remember my misdemeanors. At least I have a job for a little while.
you were charged, not convicted. myself, i'm on a five year deferred case, which means i was convicted with the stipulation that i stay out of trouble for 5 years. 3.5 down, 1.5 to go.

i say on applications that i was charged, but not convicted.
Do what most would do - say NO. If the charges were dropped/expunged don't worry about it. That will never be reported in a background check!
I know they can't ask if you have ever been arrested.
Some of it depends upon the job you are applying for whether or not they need to know your record. If it's going to show up on your record...well, it's your call

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