Is it illegal for a woman to go into a men's restroom?

Answer:   Sure, if not only to drag out her drunken husband.

Haven't you gone to an Irish wake?
Not unless you get caught
i dont think so, u might get in trouble if there r a lot of men in there and u r staring at them. when at gas stations some guirl is usually taking her damn sweet time so i always use mens restooms
Women go into men's restrooms all the time because the line is always so long in the women's. I never thought about it being illegal. It may very well be. I don't do it but I've noticed that it does happen a lot.
I think that a woman probably could be prosecuted under a public indecency law. However, I truly doubt that it would ever happen unless the woman entered the restroom as part of a demonstration or something that brought enough public attention so that the local prosecuting attorney had no other option.
No, the smell of the place is punishment enough!
no,but the men can use the ladies room too if the mens isnt working.and there is no chicks in there!

I get so mad when I'm somewhere and women come in the mens bathroom. Once I was at a concert, and in come these two women, get in line, and are giggling and pointing at the guys using the urinals, who schongs were in plain view of the women.

If a man does this, he GOES TO JAIL - because the WOMEN get the cops and say there's a pervert in the bathroom.
Women do it, and nothing happens to them

It's women's fault that the lines are so long in women's rooms - they get in there, and take 15 minutes primping, etc. so this is not an excuse.
In California it is!
Even San Francisco.
But what happens inside just might be....
It depend's on your state law, but I have never heard of it being illegal
Depends on the situation. I know I've gone into the wrong restroom by accident before because I didnt look at the door. The times it happened to me, I only noticed when I saw some girl go in past me and go into one of the stalls.
It may be depending on the jurisdiction you are in, but I sincerely doubt that anybody would actually enforce and or punish a woman for using one. I was at a concert once and 3 women came into the men's room to relieve themselves because of the long line going to the ladies room... Nobody said a thing, and we all continued to do our business while they waited for stalls to open ! Now if the shoe were on the other foot, I'd say if a man were caught in a woman's room there would be Hell to pay !
it is illegal, but I don't think the authorities would bother to prosecute such a crime.
probably is but don't know why cause there's doors on the
stalls in the men's room too -- I'm a guy and my personal
take is that I'd rather not see some gal messin her pants
cause there ain't no place to go -- get your butt in and do
what ya gotta and leave -- I ain't callin no pee cops
I've never thought to check. If it is, it would be a local or state law. As such the law would vary depending on where you are. My guess is such a law would no be enforced often. I doubt many men would report it. An the other hand, if a man used a women's restroom, the chances of getting in trouble would be much higher. I once mistakenly entered a woman's restroom. I recall seeing waist length hair near the mirror, turning around, and going to the men's restroom. There were witnesses but no one said anything.
no,but what happens in the men's restroom stays in the restroom.

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