Is it legal to carry medication with you if have a prescription but do not have it in the bottle?

Was arrested for having my prescriptions on me but had it in daily medicine holder rather than the bottle. I have legal prescriptions that can be verified.

No it isn't. Prescription medication always has to be carried in the prescription bottle that lists your name and medication name. While most of us just carry that one pill that we may need,if we are caught with that medication,we can be arrested. Without proof it actually belongs to you when you are caught you can be charges with possession.
That is a slippery slope. You should always carry the meds in the prescribed bottles for just this reason. Or at least carry a copy of the Rx with you if you are not using the bottles.
Technically you can be arrested without proper proof of the RX on you.
If all you had on you was the daily dosage in a daily medicine holder, I am surprised you would be arrested. In the future, you should carry proof of your prescription with you.

Generally, it is not illegal to carry your medicines with you or have them on your person, but if they are controlled substances, you need to be able to prove that you are entitled to do it. It is like carrying a gun--if you have the proper weapons permit, you can carry a gun, but you better be able to produce the permit or you will go to jail.

At your earliest possible opportunity, present evidence of your prescriptions to the DA so that the charges can be dismissed. Good luck to you.
yes you can be arrested for 24 to 48 hours until the police verifies your prescription with your doctor. The battle is for that so the police can tell who is your doctor and what amount of medicine you should take an know if you did not buy them for drug purposes. Because sometimes people get the prescription in elegal ways and the only way to rely know if they are legal is with that little bottle
Yes I believe that it is legal to carry prescription medications in a daily holder, but you should ALWAYS, ALWAYS carry the bottle with you too so you can avoid situations like the one you've described here. That way, it's much easier for the authorities to prove that the medication is what you say it is and that it actually does belong to you. ALWAYS err on the side of caution when it comes to medications, especially prescription ones.
Prove they are yours... and you should be fine.

Next time... you might want to be careful where you take them... Also, there is such a thing as being addicted to legal drugs when you don't need them... THIS can get you in trouble.

Also having multiple prescriptions from mulitpule doctors... Just make sure you're not pushing the system. If you are... get help and clean up, it's better than having to deal with the law.
AWE YES , thanks to our police state!
It is NOT legal to carry prescription medication on your person (which includes your pockets, your purse, your car, etc.) unless it is in its original container, with the label from the pharmacy. You cannot undo the arrest, but you can fight the charges when you go to court by bringing in all the prescription paperwork. You will likely have to pay a fine and court costs related to the arrest, but, a conviction is unlikely.

My teenaged daughter uses an inhaler for her asthma. Each school year, we have to provide the school with a letter from her doctor, advising the school that the inhaler is necessary, and that she has doctor's permission to carry it (inhalers and "epi-pens" for bug sting allergies are the only medications a student is legally allowed to carry with them on campus). She ALSO has to have a pharmacy label affixed to the actual cannister of the inhaler.

Laws about carrying prescription drugs are pretty strict, so, leave your daily med holder at home and, if you absolutely must carry your meds with you, make sure they are in their original, pharmacy labelled containers.

btw - I knew a woman who was arrested for a DUI because she had taken her prescription allergy medication, and, when it made her drowsy, she had pulled over to the side of the road to try and compose herself. A cop approached the car, determined that she was impaired, and she was arrested, as if she was a drunk driver. The laws refer to IMPAIRMENT, regardless of the source or reason. Be careful out there!
nope its not legal to carry around your scrips with out the bottle, but if you can prove to the courts you are legaly on the meds then they will most likely drop any charges, due to the increase of people selling their medication they have cracked down on prescription laws, when an officer pulls you over and sees all these meds in a daily prescriber they immediately get suspiscious because drug dealers have already thought that one up to try to get by the legal system. good luck to you hopefully you dont get a dui because then you will in addition to fines and you vehical insurance rising, you will have to take drug and alcohol classes which their cost is outrageous and health insurance doesnt always cover that, and not to mention it will always be opn your driving abstract evn if you take supervision of the courts. and you may lose your licsence for a 3 months to a good luck and dont bother getting a lawyer because the laws are mandatory for a dui conviction and a lawyer cannot get you out of it. so you would be wasting your time and money. it also depends on the meds you are on, if you are on narcotics then look to recieve a dui and a lose your driving prevlages.

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