Why do you think abortion is not or is okay?

I do not think abortion is okay. It is murder. On a car it had a 2 bumper stickers. One said- Eating Meat is Murder & the other one said- Keep Abortion Legal. that's stupid! They're saying its okay to kill babies but not meat! It's just ridiculous, if you think it's okay, why?

Abortion is so murder! A woman has NO choice when it comes to this. If you didn't want children then DON'T get married or live with someone that is not your spouse! Any women who made the choice of abortion is a killing their gift from God and are saying to His face that they don't believe in Him. Life is precious! That unborn baby is a living human being!
I for one am proud to say I am one of eight! Its awesome with a big family! Life is so amazing; please don't throw it away, you need to give the unborn babies a chance to live and explore this amazing world! God did not create us so that we could destroy our children that he has given us!
Some will say that if a person were raped then wouldn't they want to just have an abortion? Well guess what! You are dead wrong. If you wanna get rid of the memory and kid, wait and send him/her to an adoption center! i don't care if they are getting filled up! It is unfair to that living, yet unborn child in the womb of his/her mother! He may have a chance at life no matter what happened in his/her past life.
Pro-choice and Pro-abortion are the same thing! If you are pro-choice you are saying that a person can make what ever choice she wants. you are alowing people to make the bad choice. You can only be Pro-Life and pro-abortion! I stand on firm ground and NO ONE can shake me! The only Being that can make me change my mind and I highly doubt He will, is God.
Pray for the Unborn!
it is OK if the girl/woman wont to do by herself
In an ideal world, abortion wouldn't exist. But there is rape, incest, poverty, and some pregnancies become threats to the mother's life. A cow is a living, independent being. Like it or not, a child that is in utero is inextricably linked to the mother's body. That is the woman's body, and she should be allowed to decide what goes on with her body. Until you have really stood in someone's shoes who has had to make that decision, I wouldn't judge. If abortion is not for you, fine. But don't make that decision and don't judge others who make that decision.
i think abortion is murder theres always adaption
Abortion isn't OK for me, but I don't have the right to judge for others. I can't know what every woman's situation is, and therefore have no right to tell her what she can/can't do with her body. There are some issues that the government just needs to stay out of and abortion is one of them.
I have no real problem with it because in all honesty it doesn't affect me. I would like to know how my girlfriend or wife getting an abortion would hurt you? I would like to know what business is it of yours if we decided to do that? I don't understand the whole hub-bub about abortion because it is realistically up to those who choose to have or not have the abortion. It doesn't bother me until I have to deal with it and at that time, it is at least nice to know the option is there.
Adaption centers are filling. What if you get raped and get pregnant from it?. Would you want to have the child?. It would be better to kill the kid and the memory of the event too.
What about the ones, who blow up abortion clinics???

it is no ones business but the ones biologically involved.

No one asks to be born.
If my parents would have aborted me. I would not have known about it. which is fine with me.
No it is not OK it will lay own you to you die,It messes with you , I have seen people give up own life because it came into their heart that they murdered their baby. We have to learn what is right from wrong and this is wrong BUT OUR Government allows it, It is a Man made Law not a Law Of God. It is murder in the first degree...And Man see,s it as Dollar Signs...That is one of the reasons they allow it, They think it is a easy way out, but it lays own ones soul, to the day they die... If you get raped ,carry that baby and give it up for adoption ,If you get pregnant and don't want it carry that baby and give it up for adoption,what is the big deal, if its money you want most people will pay you for giving your baby to them through adoption, and will pay for the Dr's, bills, so their is no excuse ..You have the right to make life but you don't have a right to take a life.God have Mercy own who was a part of making murder a Law.God bless All
Hi... :)

Itis very difficult problem :( and I think, that we don't solve it... you know, when a woman want to have a baby - anyone can not forbit her... :( and on the other hand, if she doesn't want to have a baby, anyone can not force her to have it... :( it is horrible !!!!

And every woman (or eventually - parents) should have choice of law... and any act should forbit or force nothing!!

I think, that eventuality of abortion is the tragedy for every person... and we should not judge 'those' people... :(

Obviously, there is can be some exceptions... but we know, that the exception proves the rule...

It is the theme - river... we can talk about it to the world's end or for a longer time... :(

Regards :)
In other country abortion is legal but in my country it is not legal. I'm from the country of Philippines, and i am a nursing student here. i do not agree in abortion because giving birth is a gift from god he sent his angel , i mean the child in the womb of the mother. it is the way on how to strengthen the relationship of the parent and to the faith to god. no one have the right to take lives but only god have the right to do that.
I don't think abortion is okay, but I respect a woman's right to decide what she thinks is best for her body and life. That's why we are called pro-choice, not pro-abortion. I think that abortion is a very personal decision; between a woman, her partner, and God. If God has a problem with a woman having had an abortion, then God will take that up with her at a later date. In any event, it's not my place to decide what someone else does with their body.

Many people who consider themselves to be pro-life are also the same people who champion cutting social services for poor people. If they want to force women to have babies, then they should have resources available to them so they can support these children. It is a big assumption to think that all women, if abortion was not legal, would just give their babies up for adoption. Many women would keep their babies and not be able to adequately care for them, and we would have many instances where women would lose their lives while having an illegal and unsafe abortion.

If we really want to reduce the incidences of abortion, which is something both pro-choice and pro-life people want to do, then we need to spend more public dollars on sex education. Kids today need to be informed about the possible ramifications for having sex too early. However, many uber-religious people think that by refusing to discuss sex with kids and promoting abstinence-only education that kids will just stop having sex. That's just not realistic! We need to make birth control more accessible and open the lines of communication about sex between adults and children. Also, we need to have more resources available for pregnant women.

Most women don't have an abortion because it's a great time going to the clinic and dealing with the protestors who are shouting hateful statements on the most difficult day of their lives. They do it because they feel like it's their best option. If we, as a society, made it easier for women to obtain pre-natal care, provided daycare while they attended school so they can support their children, and had a minimum wage that was actually a living wage (where women could support themselves and a child); then I bet we would see the incidences of abortion decrease dramatically.

Sticking a "I'm Pro-Life" or "Abortion is Murder" bumper sticker on your car, judging other people, or shouting nasty remarks in front of a clinic, won't reduce the number of abortions. Education and support are the only things that will.
tik soccer. tough issue. the NOW women say that a fetus is just an appendage of the the woman? I ain't a big fan of abortion. Not something you want to do all the time? Biggest thing for me is "cognition" or "awareness". In other words, when the fetus knows about or is aware of itself. Like the Frenchman DesCartes said, "I think therefore I am". Your not an "individual" or "being" until you have a working brain. Cognition and feelings etc. I realize the Catholic Church and now others totally disagree with this. Experts claim that a fetus doesn't have a brain that fires up till about the seventh month. Aborting a fetus after or about six months probably ain't a good idea? Aborting a fetus before that probably ain't a good idea, either. Still, early on that isn't "murder". Aborting a pregnancy when your water turns blue or using frozen embryo's ain't murder. That's crazy. Simply put, you ain't an individual or human being until you have the capacity to know that. That's at about 7 months. That cop in Ohio that had his girlfriend killed isn't good. That's real bad. Stem cell people that want to use those frozen embryo's that aren't going to be used, isn't "murder".
Unless the child is going to die anyway, there is no excuse for abortion.
they law says that at a stage in the pergancy if you kill the baby after 5 months it is murder in the 2nd degree i do watch law and order so they need to stop abortion its murder okay no matter what why you put it

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