Why sexual abuse is legal in other country?

why phillipines is the most poor country

Laws of the land are followed.
Laws are made by the citizens.
In some countries animals comes first
then people.
different Idea's about what is right and wrong I guess.
prostitution is sort of legal in the philippines... but child abuse is not. police and nbi authorities are working together to stop child abuse and child trafficking.

If you know any underage prostitute, call the authorities immediately. don't just sit there asking stupid questions on yahoo.
Because they're underdeveloped and their government isn't built on strong ethics like that of the U.S., UK, and other prosperous nations.
Our culture respects women and their precious dignity. Our religions, Catholicism and Sunni Islam, also respects women's dignity. I don't think that exists in the Netherlands.
Regarding your latter remark, I don't think the Philippines is a poor nation. Our economy is in a good shape right now. Tell me, where do these call centres around came from. They're from countries which Her Excellency serenaded! But if you think I'm a pro-GMA, no I'm not. IT is just that the bad impression of my paisanos irritates me.

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