How do I get My sister in law to move out?

My husband Mom and Dad gave us there house and we are paying the monthly payment of 842 a month and they will not let us kick his sister out they say if we kick her out we have to move out how do i explaine to them that it is hard to live with her.and that she cant call them everytime we get in a fight.

If htey gave you the house and you are paying the notes, do you have a ocntract with them? Has it been transferred to your name? These are things you need to check out. Sounds like they still own the house, and if so I would take my 842.00 and go elsewhere to live or have to put up with controlling in-laws and a nosey sister-in-law.
I would say to her sorry sis but you got to go for I need my space alone for a while not to upset you or to hurt your fellings but I need so time alone ok.
first, make sure house is in your and/or your husband's names and that it is documented somewhere (in writing) that house was given to you by his parents. I won't go into Community Property issues here. If it is your house, kick her out, since it your house. And, since it is your house, you do not have to move out. If his mom and dad say, "if you kick her out, then you have to move", this is probably an indication that you do not 'own' the house. Also, make sure you know where your monthly payment of 842 is going.

If it is not your house, keep saying, 'yes, mom, yes, dad, for the rest of their lives. Then what? If one of them dies, the other gets the house. If their is no will and both die, your husband and sister-in-law would get it anyway. Check your state law on that one. good luck!
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