Why can't family members work at the same place?

I went to get my brother an application where i work at and they told me that my brother can't work at the same place i work at. But if he's willing to drive to another store he can. I don't get it...my store is the only place i know of that does this...

anyone have any ideas why? because they wouldn't tell me why.
Answer:   Pretty common practice; they're concerned about nepotism (favoritism given a family member). Since you'ved worked there longer, you have a chance of getting promoted, and now you'd be a supervisor over your brother. What happens if he then starts getting stellar performance reviews? Is it because he's started working much harder, or because you're showing unfair favoritism to a family member? Companies commonly choose to avoid this situation by forbidding family members from working in any positions where they might conceivably be in each other's chain-of-command.
its probaly the work place but im a teacher and i have co-workers whos familys work there
Lots of places do this. No one wants you to bring your family dramas to work with you, and no one wants to have it said that someone was promoted because they were related = nepotism.
This is a normal policy and common to almost all businesses. It is because of the potential for collusion, theft, fraud, etc. among the family members. There is a strong correllation, statistically speaking, between the two.
It must be a company policy as I have known instances where wife/husband/adult daughter all work in the same supermarket.
It's called nepotism and most companies have very specific rules in that regards. It creates personnel and management problems so its best to avoid it all together.
Something happens(like a death in the family) you are both off work instead of just one. It is also to avoid the problem if there is a conflict between you two it wont affect the work place. Your store is not the only place that does this. I have seen the policy in a few places I have worked.
well that all depends i work with my family and its not easy b/c i dont get a free ride im the one thats expected to work late and open early. i have to set a exaple for the other employees i dont get the same vaction privelages or health care plan and plus dont really cut me a break in pay. i did better when i waitresed. it turns out to be more aggrivation and if you live together to yes you bring your work home its a constant fight. i say keep looking dont take advantage it wont work

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