Who should I write to, to pass a bill?

i'm not even sure if this is considered a bill, but I want to change our current rules of organ donation.

The different legislative approaches are the main reason that countries like Spain (27 donors per million inhabitants) or Austria (24 donors per million inhabitants) have higher "donor rates" than Germany (13 donors) or Greece (6 donors). In most countries with the dissent solutions, there is no "waiting list" for donations, or the list is short, while most countries with consent solutions have substantial "organ shortages".

So I want to make the U.S.A a dissent law.

Can you help me write a bill or a letter to whoever i'm supose to write to pass this?

I want to pass it out to people to send it to whoever.

talk to your congressman ..that is the person responsible for bills getting started..it would also help if you have others or start a petition ,,the more names on it the more it will get notice
talk to your person in the represents House of Representatives AND you r2 State Senators
I don't really understand what you're trying to change, but write your lawmakers (senator, congressional representatives, the president/governor).

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