Why do liberals want to take our guns away?

Criminals are going to carry guns regardless of the laws, so in turn we should be allowed to carry guns every where. If only one of those students at VA TECH had a consealed weapons permit the death toll could have been a whole lot less. Guns Don't Kill People, People DO!

Answer:   Because they truly want to take your penis away. It's a Freudian thing, really.
I think the best thing you can do if you are going to carry a gun or a penis is not to conceal it. Of course if you have a big one, it is hard to conceal anyway.
Also, the truth is that bullets are the things that kill people. If everyone had an unloaded gun, no one would ever die. So I think the bottom line is: Get a vasectomy and you will live forever.
Good luck to you in your studies.
Taking guns away from the good guys will make them feeeeel good, they'll think they're helping the situation, when in realitiy the "help" will be minimal because since we cant stop illegal aliens we will never be able to stop guns coming in illegaly.

A.K.A. guns still in the hands of the bad guys now no guns in the hands of the good guys.
Because then we would be subjects, not citizens.
they have the mis-guided belief that if you pass a law everyone will obey it, even criminals. must be those rose colored glasses.
Because that way , everyone has an excuse to be a helpless victim, and those that choose to be victims won't have to feel bad about themselves. If self defense is illegal, they can assuage themselves that they aren't really cowards, they are just law abiding citizens.

All these people that stand up for themselves and for others makes them look bad. Better no one should be able to, and that way no one makes them look bad!
Make it harder to get guns illegally. This kid bought 2 guns in a month - that was illegal.
Because then it will be easier for them to shoot you if you disagree with them.
I heard on the news that in the U.K. you have to have 2 people attest to your character/stability before you can purchase a firearm. Cho bought those guns legally. If he had to go through that kind of screening, he wouldn't have been able to purchase them legally. I don't think it's an issue of taking guns away altogether.
Keep your guns--take away your bullets. Credit to Chris Rock: "$5000.00 per bullet." Think how rich the smart people will be and the stupid ones will think twice before squandering their bullets.
I hate to break this to you, but it's not just the Liberals who want your guns. It's the entire Government. If the Government really wanted to protect the lives of its citizens they would ban the manufacturing of cigarettes. They kill far more people than any gun ever will. The truth is guns scare the Government. They can't take them completely because our founding fathers used great framework in the constitution, but the idea of the people having the ability to revolt is frightening. Laws are enacted to restrict types of guns, who can and can't buy them, and so on, but the reason for the second amendment is to protect ourselves from a tyrannous Government.
Typical NRA discussion-site "bombing" when it comes to fetish American gun-culture.Simplistic slogans like "Guns don't kill..." really show no thought in adjusting to today's world. Arm everyone on the streets and you end up with Iraq. It just gets harder to control and predict who is going to emotionally "lose it" and start firing. Slow down the manufacturing of guns and ammo and there won't be so many available. This is a complex issue, but easily putting guns in the hands of someone like Cho with a mentally unstable background......
Sweetie, I agree with you -for the most part- but PLEASE give up! tagging "liberals" with this. I am a registered Democrat, and I am pro-guns, ala the NRA! I am not the only one, so let it go! People on all sides of ANY issue cannot be labeled, except as to the specific issue, if then! Geez! Also, shouldn't there be some sort of requirement to insure that a gun possessor KNOWS HOW to use it?? Hmmm? ( A lot fewer mistakes/deaths/maimings. etc. etc.) Of course, personal responsiblility would go a loong way here.....

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