How much time is spent in jail for a first time offender for dealing cocain?

my cousin has been in jail since may of 07, and this is his very first time getting in trouble. his court date is nov. do you think that will be time served?? his bond is really high just because he hasnt changed over his plates to the town he lives in now. the bond was really low until they knew his car plates and liscence are from another state. they think he is a flight risk? is there hope for him? its not like he's a trouble maker. i guess you can say, hangin with the wrong croud. im hoping they just slap him on the hand or something. what do you think?

Dealing coke could be anything from six months to five years. I know someone who was allowed to serve the six months on house arrest, but that took a high-dollar lawyer, a massive showing of family support, and a lot of luck.

The biggest reason that it worked out so well for that person was that she showed that the 'wrong crowd' thing happened. She had fifteen family members, eight or ten friends of the family, her high school guidance counselor, and a high school teacher all show up to court for her. While they didn't actually give testimony, the lawyer was able to make the point that she was more than a good kid--she was a model citizen--good student and a very active participant in school activities when in high school, someone who volunteered time monthly, then went to college and fell in with some druggies and got in trouble. Even once the court was convinced house arrest would be appropriate, there were still issues (one was a sherriff who disagreed with having someone on the street who was a drug dealer, so he said 'not in my county', and she had to live and be officially jailed where she committed the crime, rather than with her mom.)

There is hope, but it is a serious crime. The only way there won't be serious punishment is if you can truly convince the court that this crime shocked everyone who knew your cousin, and that he/she has all the support needed to live clean from here on out. Short of that (and maybe even if you can show all that--like I said, she was lucky), they'll have him do time. Time served will count, but probably won't be everything he serves.
For dealing he will probably get 2 - 5 years.
well the problem when assesing bail is that the court takes a few things into consideration...they use factors such as the seriousness of the crime, weight of evidence, D's financial abilities, and D's character (ties to community, employment, residence, past convictions, dangerous tendencies)

out of state plates mean no ties to the community - ie a flight risk
seriousness of crime and weight of evidence - ie got caught with drugs and dealing them - pretty serious
It all depends on the jurisdiction and their laws on drugs. Dealing cocaine in NY will get you from 2 1/3 to 8, here, I believe.
I have a friend who just came out of jail for dealing cocain, he was sentance for 6yrs first time offender. It depends on the amount you are caught with and on what mood is the juged on. yes if you are caught in another city its taught to get a bond because most bonds bounty hunters work with in the city.
It will cost more to send bounty hunters to another city to hunt your cousin down it he broke bail. Good guestion thank you.

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