Is it illegal to consume alcohol outside on your own property?

My friend and I are having a discussion about open containers, and we were wondering if you can drink any alcoholic beverage out on your porch, front yard etc. without citation or getting arrested, if you are of legal age? Please only informational answers, and if you don't really know, don't post anything. Thank you.

In some places it is against the law to walk around with an open alcohol container even if it's outside your own house. You can get around that by placing the drink in a paper bag, but this also depends on the way you are behaving. The police cannot do anything if your drink is inside the paper bag because that would be invading of privacy unless you are behaving as if you are intoxicated.
In some jurisdictions it's legal to walk around with an open container. In some it's not. I always call the local police department and ask - they are happy to tell you. If memory serves, in Wildwood NJ it was legal, but not in Phila, PA.

I don't think public intoxication is ever legal though.
As long as you are not being nuisance to your neighbors it is fine.
I beleive it is called public drunkeness.
i believe you can as long as you don't start causing a disturbance. If you do, they can legally arrest you for public intoxication.
No, and I know this as a fact. When my parents host get-togethers, their friends wander outside and drink. You can drink whatever you want on your porch! Don't worry about getting arrested, it won't happen, as long as you don't drive right after or litter! (but if you're drunk and you cause some issues, neighbors might complain)
I don't know the laws where you live but here in New York I got a ticket for having an open container in my own front yard. Something to do with drinking in public. It sucked.
It is strictly a matter of local ordinance basically unanswerable here for any particular town city or county
Depends on where you live. In some places NO YOU CANNOT, such as San Bernardino. In others you can, such as Atlanta. I suggest you just call the cops and ask them (don't call 911!).

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