What happens after you report fraud?

i have just found out that my card has been used over the internet to buy things i have stopped my cards and everything but i dont know what will happen next will the bank look into it and call the police or what cause they said nothing to me do they look for who has done it or do they just pay you your money back i really dont understand please some one tell me what will happen and how long you think it will take
Answer:   report it to the police, they will come round and take a statement from you, then contact your bank or credit card company, give them the reference number, they will do all the rest, keep safe all the best
usually they would ask you to report it and provide a crime number - they will then write to you for you to confirm which transactions are not yours and then arrange a refund. They will then look into this - but you will properly never hear of the outcome.

Best to really check with your bankl what actions they want you to take, as they all differ on how they handle fraud. Also with regards to time, this can differ aswell, again you are best to ask them this, especially if the shortfall in your funds could cause items to be bounced.
1. Report it to the police.
2. Contact your bank and ask them what they intend to do. Most card companies will not charge you for the theft if it is reported within a reasonable period of time and, even if not, you generally are only charged a nominal fee. But, it all depends on your contract with the card issuer. Just contact them.
depends.. years ago a family members card was tried like that.. BUT the company selling the goods didn't deliver to an un-known address.. (i.e. the one not on the card)

they have to look into it, where things were delivered to etc.
depends how many items i guess. they have to deal between the credit card company > police > companies things were bought from . and visa versa.

i suggest you get better security on your pc , DO NOT do any banking / shopping wirelessly. if you must make sure you use a router which has WPA encryption + firewall.

use an antivirus + firewall


+ a router.. with firewall (i use netgear)

also only deal with secure online places.

I would also get a new credit card account with a different card number also.
They do absolutely NOTHING! I've had my identity stolen twice and the only thing that happens is that you are the one under investigation so they can make sure that you are not trying to get out of paying your bill. You fill out a form and they check past charges for your signature to match.

Put an alert on your credit report. That way, if someone tries to take out a credit card under your name your credit report will require them to call your home personally.

When my identity was stolen it completely ruined my credit because I had to pay over the limit fees, finance charges, etc. The credit card companies say they take care of it but they don't. The only thing you can do is protect yourself from future scumbags. Write "see ID" on the back of your cards too, instead of signing them. As for the internet, make sure the websites that you use are secure.
To prevent them not paying out.I would advise you to report it to the police.

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