What does it mean to say that someone has a dark side?

Some people are just out there with all of it, they seem to not care, and they just are who they are and sometimes that is a little scary to us, but when we really get to know them we understand that they are just fooling around or blowing off steam and don't really mean it and will actually tell us that later and even sometimes say they are sorry and didn't mean it. These kind of people are like barking dobermans at times, but then really they are harmless like a pet hamster that is getting ready to be eaten by a snake. Then there are some people that are nice and quite and seemingly well behaved and respectable all of the time, they wear nice clothes, have really great jobs, live in the best neighborhoods, and they have a dark side to them and sometimes do some really terrible things with that and often do not get caught until the last straw. Can anyone tell me about a person like that or what you think that dark side would be like, how do they do that?
Answer:   It means no one is perfect; we all have some good and some bad in us. Actually, you did a pretty fair job of describing it yourself.
A dark side is the side of someone where evil resides.
as dark side of someone is something that neither you or me will ever see in that person
Someone who is Evil, Wicked, and tries to do you some harm or worse!!
evilness inside of them.
It means a hidden evil side of their personality which is not obvious or seldom seen.

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