If you are on welfare and you win the lottery, should you be allowed to keep the money?

If you are getting your income from public funds, I don't think you should be allowed to buy lottery in the first place. However, if you do win, I think you should repay whatever funds you took from the public and spit the rest 50/50 with the public. Thoughts?
Answer:   "If you are on welfare and you win the lottery, should you be allowed to keep the money? If you are getting your income from public funds, I don't think you should be allowed to buy lottery in the first place. However, if you do win, I think you should repay whatever funds you took from the public and spit the rest 50/50 with the public. Thoughts?"

The quick answer to your question is "Yes. Welfare recipients should be required to pay back the benefits they have received if they win the lottery."

The purpose of welfare in the U.S. is not to provide a permanent socialist living experience for poor or disadvantaged people. The theory (albeit one that is stretched often) is that welfare provides the poor and disadvantaged with a means to "get back on their feet" and to live beyond a level of subsistence while doing so. This is especially true where there are children involved. By providing welfare benefits to poor people with children, the children are better able to become independent members of society (or at least not take welfare later in life).

I don't agree with the 50/50 part. Between the taxes the winner pays and paying back the system for the benfits they've received, they'll be "even." Anyone winning the lottery pays taxes on it. So, obviously the taxes alone will not offset welfare benefit costs. (That's specifically a response to all those people who answered that the taxes should cover it.) And sure, they shouldn't have been using welfare monies to play the lottery. But if they pay it all back, then the money will be put back into the system and that won't really be an issue in this context.

I wouldn't stop at the lottery. Any receipt of monies over $50,000-- be it from a game of chance, an inheritance or the like should be garnished to help recover at least some of the funds that person received from welfare. Make the first $10,000 in welfare receipts exempt. But after that, recover amounts.

A proportional system would be fair. Any receipts up to $100,000 would require say a 35% garnishment (beyond taxes). Anything over that a 50% garnishment. And if you receive over $250,000 you would be expected to pay the welfare benefits back in full (assuming you haven't actually received that much). Obviously, you would only be responsible to pay back the amount of the benefits-- not an additional amount. Assessing an interest amount would be fair, but I don't know that's it's necessarily sensible in the broad scheme of things.

I should note that there have been welfare recipients who won the lottery or came into money and then paid the welfare system back. It's the right thing to do. It's the moral thing to do. And it should be the legally required behavior.
I do believe that in California you have to pay welfare back from your winnings.
I don't know ... if you win the lottery should you be required to repay all your previous tax deductions?

Of course they should no longer receive welfare, but repay it? I'm not so sure, because technically they were legally granted it at the time they received it.
that doesnt even make sense. if you are rich should you deserve to win the lottery? same concept..
maybe the person found a buck in the road and thats what they bought their ticket with.....

you have zero rights to it.
can you PORVE Beyond all resonable doubt that the dollar used in the lotto was given to them from welfare.
No. Every cent should go back to the state to repay what you have gotten from them. If there is any left over pay tax on it and keep the remainder.
I am sure your thoughts would be different if you were the one who had struggled for years on Welfare and then suddenly won the Lottery. Informing the Welfare people so that your payments can be stopped is adequate
absolutely not. chance and fate plays a part in everyones life .. whatever you win, should be yours free and clear after taxes... your taxes on a big win will more than compensate the gov't funds you have been receiving..
I disagree with you 100%...
If you wager a buck and win a million, you took that chance and won the prize! The person is now hopefully set for life and no institution should split the money with the winner.
-Anyone who plays the lottery should be able to keep the money
-There should be NO taxes on lottery money
-Government welfare should not exist

While I agree that it's irritating that people on welfare are playing the lottery, that's the price you pay for socialism. People take advantage. Once you buy into the concept that the government has a responsibility to take care of a certain segment of the population, then you're asking for this sort of stuff to happen. The only way you could prevent this type of abuse is to implement some horribly authoritarian police state to monitor purchases and other life choices deemed undesirable by the government. Thanks, but no thanks.
well even though I'm against welfare.I would still say yes, they should be able to keep it. Here is why..
Welfare is taking more money out of the system that they are putting back in. The winners of large lottery's are taxed at a very high rate, so in theory, they are paying that money back.

Now...with that said. I would say it wrong for people on welfare to use money they didnt earn to play the lottery. Personally, I think we should get rid of welfare completely.
Just isn't the way it works...

There is no law that tells them how to spend their public assistence funds.
They would no longer be on public assistance.

I suppose in a perfect world they would pay back what they got but this isn't the way the world works and no reason to split the money with the welfare system. After all, now they are paying taxes!
Sure. After we do that, we could have the government take everybodies paychecks, and distribute them equally. We'll call it "communism".

You don't pay enough income tax to whine about welfare. When you find yourself a billionaire, and finally run out of tax shelters, then you can worry about it. For now, you just aren't a big enough fish to be affected by it. Were they going to give your 80 cents back if it didn't go to welfare? Why begrudge anyone else? You never know when things might go really wrong, and you'll find yourself relying on the charity of others for a time.
Well first off, if a person on welfare is buying lottery tickets that would be a further indictment of the whole ridiculous concept of welfare. But I digress.

The answer is no. No one on welfare should be entitled to anything more than the basic necessities of life. What could be a better motivating factor for one to get off the theft of property from productive people?

P.S. - What would be nice is that if as a condition of welfare we could create some sort of ID card with a computer chip that allows only the purchase of approved items with ill-gotten welfare cash. I think if you go on the dole you should surrender your right to self-determination.
Yes you should be allowed to keep the money. When you win the lottery about half of the winnings are taken as taxes and that would pretty much pay back the government for what they gave you; the rest you should be able to keep, but if you had any heart you would probably donate some of the winnings to charity anyway.

The current laws don't prohibit the purchase of lottery tickets using welfare money.

Once that person has won, he wouldn't still be able to collect welfare.
They should have to Pay back the welfare used plus interest.
my question is if ur on welfare why are u buying lottery tickets?
-did u win the lottery or something?
I don't know about splitting the rest 50/50 but I do think they should have to pay it back. That way it is in there again for the next person that may need it. I also feel they should not be buying lottery tickets, it is not a necessity.

Why are you asking??

Oh sorry.

I didn't know that you were on welfare!


Peace Out!
In California it is against the law to use money from welfare to buy lottery tickets, I think it should be against the law for anyone on public assistance to buy lottery tickets, or consume or buy alcohol.
If you win the lottery, which 99.999999% won't, you will pay 30-60 % in taxes, depending on where you live and how much you win. That should make up for any welfare you received. Besides, if take it all away, how will they be able to move into a better trailer park.
well I"M not on welfare, but I'm going to answer yes to that. I pay into social security and dont get it should I have that repaid to me? Welfare comes from taxes and just because you get assistance, does not mean you aren't paying any taxes into the state. Most welfare recipients do work, believe it or not so they are or have been tax payers just like you! We live in a country where you are gonna pay taxes and not much if any control over where that tax money goes. I'd be more concerned about illegals here than the legal welfare recipients. However the system could use some major reform. Welfare is supposed to to be hand up not a hand out. Get on, but get off and help yourself!
I would rather a person on welfare win the money than someone who is already rich.

No, they should just pay their taxes and that's it
I mostly agree with you. To respond to some of the other answers regarding proof that the dollar came from the government. Regardless of where that specific dollar came from, had the government not been giving you money, you would have had to use that dollar for food, or rent or something other than the lottery. I think if you win the lottery, you should pay the taxpayers back WITH INTEREST and keep the rest at the normal lottery tax rate.
It sounds good in theory but in practice its not so good. I believe that should depend on the person(s) involved and the amount. As long as there isn't a problem with buying the ticket(s) in the first place. Besides the taxed amount on the winnings a lone would more then likely pay back anything that was given on relief in most cases. ( assuming its more then a million dollar jackpot).
Should the winner be subject to repay some or all benefits received from welfare if they win the lottery? You probably wont like this answer..but no I do not.

Please follow me here.what if someone goes on welfare and then comes off after their situation improves (for example they finish job training and get a job as a nurse). Under normal circumstances the government would not ask for any refund of benefits. Their reasoning being that if that person can return to society as a productive tax paying citizen then it is better off for all and the benefits paid were of good use. But by all means this is a best case scenerio and I admit is often not the result. But still there must be fairness and justice in our decisions. If we made the lottery winner repay benefits then we should make all repay benefits regardless. A better solution would be agressive approaches to put people back to work at any way possible. Education, job retraining, job placement, or even workfare is a better solution to the welfare problem.

But the rest of your thought, about taking 50% over and above repayment of benefits, is already in place. It's called taxes. And considering the wasteful ways of our government I do not approve of giving them any more money under any circumstances. Its like giving a drunk on the verge of alchol poisioning another drink of liquor.

Additional Comments:

So your goal is to discourage playing the lottery at all. That is social engineering. As much as a negative the lottery is on society attempting social engineering will not stop it. Both sides of the political specturm have tried it and its a proven failure. Once you make the lottery legal there is little left to do except make it illegal.
I think if the welfare was legitimate you needn't pay it back. If you won millions and you wanted to that is up to you. If you had to pay it back then what is left should be kept by the winner and not be split.
First off, love the name, I laughed my *** off at it lol

I',m going to the Powerball lotto as an example for what I'm about to say , or whatever you have that has the BIG win.

Ok back to the question. Should people on public assistance be allowed to keep lottery earnings? Well that depends I suppose. I think if you are on government assistance you shouldn't be playing the lottery in the first place. That includes recipients of Welfare, Social Security, SSD, SSI , and Foodstamps/EBT.

My reason for that is easily explained at any local liquor store.
Walk into one around the first of the month , you'll see gangs of people cashing their checks ,and immediately using it to purchase cigarettes,alcohol and of course lotto tickets. So now you have people robbing their families of the money provided to them , for items that have no use for food or financial benefit ( you cannot call a lotto ticket, financial benefit)

But the reality is, you can't stop these idiots from doing that. So if they are to play the game? Then yes I believe all aid they've received should be paid back to the government in full, with a 6% intrest. The includes monthly checks,medic-aid transactions,foodstamp/EBT purchases and anything else such as clothing vouchers, vehicle allowances, etc.

Now,what ever is left after all that should be given to the winner under the conditions that for each child they have, a trust fund be established immediately that cannot be touched by anyone other than the child upon reaching the age of 18. Also, the winner should be forced to purchase a steady home and vehicle before anyother transaction.

After all of that? Then sure, do what you will with the rest because I doubt there would be much more than to live by, unless you lucked up on a big $340 million ticket

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