What do you do when a contractor doesn't come and finish the job?

We hired a licensed contractor and he isn't returning our calls to finish the job. His contract ends in 5 days. What recourse do you seek to get them to comply?
Answer:   It might be time for you to hire a lawyer to write a demand letter.
sue him
You can have a lawyer look over the contract and discuss whether it's worth filing suit. Or leave a voicemail saying you'll complain to the BBB or his union or something.
call a lawyer
Next time go thru The Home Depot Home serivces program. You will be paying extra for the peace of mind, but you won't have to worry about getting screwed again.
You'll see a lot of answers that will want you to sue. Waste of money. You've just been screwed. Hiring an attorney is only throwing good money after bad . . . I work in construction and I can tell you from personal experience - it's not worth the effort.
You can sue him. You can withhold payment. You can find where he is working and picket him. You can call the BBB.
You can report him to the state attorney general. And on and on..
i am a contractor and feel for those who get messed over by others. it is a problem here in Louisiana and seems every one is getting those guys and passing up on hiring me. first of all i am sorry that is happening. second of all go put a lien on his business. report him to the BBB. third of all take him to court. do not let them get away with that. you probably are not his first. seems people today have not good business ethics and are not treating customers fairly. and it can be the other way. in your case you do not deserve to be walked on. i am sure the work is not that hard. i am female and can do almost all of the stuff they do. not all but most. i can't frame, shingle roofs. i do know if i can hang in there shame on them. i wish you best of luck. you have rights. if you put the lien he can be stopped from working. and don't be scared to take him to court. take pictures of the work he has done so far. hopefully you have before pictures of your home before he came to work on it. it will save you in the long run. and remember to do that always. even if you get yard work done with landscaping take pictures. they are very valuable in this line of work. so get him served. then on the other hand sad to say you can loose money purssuing him. you have just been scammed. i hope not and hope you can resolve it. get the contract looked over see if you can hold him liable. just calling in threats of suing and reporting may help or it may not. i would first be nice about it and see if it can be resolved that way. do not ever pay any money but 1/3 up front and the rest when finished. and if any qualms about the next one find another guy. some times the cheap or exspensive can be bad. feel them out and see their work first and check refferences always. i am always open to taking people see my work.
Take to court and sue for violation of contract. He is under contract to complete the job. If you have to hire someone else to complete the job then the contractor will have to pay those costs over and above what was agreed in your contract. Be sure you have a written contract or it's difficult to prove.
If you have already paid him, then it is time for small claims court. If not dont remit the balance of the payment until services are rendered.
I had the same problem about a contractor that I hired to do some work. And yes, suing isn't the answer because all you get is a judgment.which is pretty much worthless.
Also filing a complaint with the BBB is worthless also. If the contractor doesn't respond, the BBB drops the issue.
Do what I did. I found the right attorney, we didn't sue, we filed fraud charges against the guy and won. We seized his pick up trucks, trailers, tools that he used, froze his credit accounts at suppliers. Now all that is impounded, he had to go to work for someone else to earn money and he is paying us back the money monthly. Once he has paid back the money he ripped me off for, he can then start paying the impound yard fees.
He called numerous times during the process saying how unfair I was being, he has a family and a sick wife, blah,blah,blah.
I don't care! He felt nothing when he ripped me off, why should I shed one tear if his "family is going hungry".
When States start enforcing the laws on these Bozos this crapola will stop. But you can't just "write it off" and start over. That's what these guys want you to do

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