Aiding and abiding?

if i refuse to give out the phone number of a boyfriend's parents (due to harrassment issues, and the moral fact that i do not give out contact information without permission), would it be considered aiding and abiding? my boyfriend's ex wants the phone number for her records, and is claiming to take me to court if i refuse to give her the number. i was not with him when their problems arose and i hardly know her, yet she continues to claim that if i do not provide this information, a judge will force it out of me. i told her to contact his lawyer if she wants information on him. who is in the wrong here, her or me?

Futhermore, how can i aid and abide when he is still incarcerated?!

do not give her the number. If she needs it for legal purposes, then her lawyer should contact his lawyer and so on. If she's looking for the number and being so demanding about it, it's probably because she's trying to get him into further trouble or to harrass him or his parents.

Furthermore, I would contact his lawyer and let him/her know that the ex is harrassing and threatening you. If she continues to call you, you can file 'harrassment by communication' charges against her.
First of all, I believe the expression you are looking for is "aiding and abetting" which means to help and assist. If you are helping him to avoid the deliverance of justice, or helping him to avoid paying his debts, regardless of where he is located, you are aiding and abetting him.
Ask his parents for the phone number to their lawyer, if they have one on retainer, and give his ex THAT number. Then the lawyer can nicely explain that as an adult, he is responsible for his own debts and for solving his own problems. The lawyer can also explain to her that if she wants to get in touch with him, he's in the slammer. The lawyer can explain that the parents will have a case against her if she continues to stalk them, just as YOU will have a case against her if she continues to contact YOU after you have asked her to leave you alone. There are stalking laws in place for this very reason.
I hope you realize that if you are helping your BF to avoid paying his child support, you are not hurting the ex as much as you are hurting his children. They deserve to have their Daddy support them. If you don't like how she spends the child support money, your BF can put in a request that the children have a conservator to make sure the child support money is actually spent on the children. Which is not to say that the judge would order it...just that he could make the request. My first husband's ex was using his money to support her new boyfriend and his five kids in addition to my BF's 3 kids. We stopped giving her cash and started buying clothing and shoes for the kids, groceries for the kids, and a voucher for the bank that she could use for the kids' share of the house payment. She was pretty steamed, but this was 1970's Oklahoma. There wasn't a lot she could do without inviting the ire of the redneck judge who had assigned the child support. I was there when he told her that the money was not for her, but for the kids, and that she would have to get off her butt and get a job to support herself.
I don't know why you're with a jailbird in the first place, but I suppose you have your reasons...
Best wishes. Please consult a lawyer as to legal repercussions of aiding and abetting your BF. I'd hate to see you wind up behind bars yourself as a result of ignorance.

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