I was intentionally hit today while on my bicycle.. what can I do? - Clarify?

While on a ride today, a motorist begins honking at me as I suppose she felt I was taking up too much of the road. To make a long story short, she ends up swerving (rather violently) into the bike lane to 'scare me' as she put it (and admitted). All the same, my front wheel hit her car, although I managed to stay upright, with no noticable damage to my bike, or me thankfully.
I have 3 witnesses; one saw that she clearly swerved at me, and two others who saw the same thing, but also saw the contact between my bike and her car.
My question is: what can I do? I am not physically hurt and am not searching for some frivolous lawsuit; I DO however want her charged with reckless driving or something. There was simply no reason for her to behave as she did.
Fortunately, it seems I have 3 good witnesses for it all!
NOTE: She actually did stop; I have a police report although the cop seemed less than concerned and I am a bit worried about his version of it. I have her name and all of that.

Since you and your bike weren't harmed, you can't press criminal charges. That's why the officer wasn't concerned.

However, you could file a civil action in small claims court and sue for "punitive damages." In other words, to punish her for doing something wrong intentionally. You don't need a lawyer for this. This will be impossible to prove, however, unless those witness (at least one of them) are willing to come to court with you and testify they saw her hit you on purpose. By all means, if she files against you for damage to her car, counterclaim. Sue for the maximum amount, because in most states the judge can only award up to what you're suing for. In other words, they can award less, but not more, than you're asking.

I agree with Gretch. Although I doubt they will take action because you weren't hurt and your bike wasn't damaged, you may want to give the prosecuting attorney's office a shot. You don't need a lawyer for this, either. Just go down there and talk to someone.

This is appalling behavior and this person deserves to be punished.
talk to a lowyer
This to me is not frivolous. It was road rage and she was not in control when she swerved at you.

You can correct the police report. You need a lawyer to help you with this. You should be able to recover lawyer's fees as well. The most she could be charged with is attempted murder and the least is battery with a motor vehicle. I'm surprised the police officer didn't take this more seriously.

Perhaps we're not getting the whole picture.
did she receive a ticket? if so , call the prose cuter and tell your story or the victim division; you have no real damages to sue ; request a copy of the police report; report it to her insurance carrier if no results from above; road rage comes in all forms
I've been there. If she actually hit you then you should try to have her charged with assault. People who drive like that should have their license revoked. Cyclists who are obeying the law and are faced with this kind of behavior should be able to charge motorists with assault with a deadly weapon. Until then, I recommend that whenever you are on your bike you assume that people in cars are either negligent or out to get you. Keep a small digital camera on you so you can photograph license plate numbers. I used to ride to the side so people could pass me in the right lane, but technically that is illegal and a cyclist is entitled to their own lane. For safety reasons I now ride in the center of the right hand lane, honking be damned. I also always carry a photo ID and a cellphone. I can't believe that worthless bimbo really thought she was justified in trying to scare you.
Yes, assault with a deadly weapon (a motor vehicle) is a serious crime and she should not get away with it. You can also sue for assault and battery, but admit you have no damages. There is also intentional (or negligent) infliction of emotional distress, but you may need to prove you had to be medicated and sought psychiatric counsel because of this attack on you. The police report should be amended, or you should file a complaint with the supervising police jurisdication and then with the internal affairs bureau that protects citizens from police abuses. Glad you're okay!

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