What is the difference between "attachment" and "perfection" in the context of security interests?

I know I learned this in law school but can't remember, and my bar exam materials aren't really helping...
Answer:   The first answer is helpful. Also, think of it this way: attachment is when the security interest arises (and is enforceable) as between the secured party and the debtor, and perfection is when the security interest can be enforced not only against the debtor but against all other parties, like a subsequent purchaser of the collateral. A security interest can attach and not be perfected, but it cannot be perfected without having attached. Perfection typically involves giving notice to the outside world of the security interest, by filing notice.

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Attachment refers to the time at which a security interest arises in property. Perfection deals with notice issues to third parties who purchase the property. While a security interest in receivables may arise at the time of the making of a loan, the security interest is not perfected as against future purchasers without notice unless recorded with the Secretary of State. While forclosure of the collateral may occur against the note maker, it may not have priority against a subsequent purchaser.

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