Does probation really check if you did community service?

cuz everytime ive gone to my probation..been about 4 months so far..

they never checked it..but i just said i did 30 hours..

do they really check up on that?

they dont even look at the paper..

I would assume eventually they would. Why would you want to take that chance anyway? Like it in jail? Don't be your time. You were lucky enough to get probation and community service so serve the sentence. After all you did the the time.
They probably don't check often, but if you are not correct in your answer when they do check, it will cause an audit of your entire community service participation. If you are found to be not telling the whole truth, it could violate the terms of your probation, and cause you to go to prison.
Here in North Carolina they normally check and will. Every court district and most larger counties have community service coordinators that keep records of who has to complete community service and whether they have done so.
You have probably lucked up on having either a lazy or overwhelmed probation officer. Usually they check and there is paperwork that they give you to get signed by the individual stating that you have worked these hours and they call the person and check. If they don't get a verification they usually send you back to jail on a probation violation. Or give you a stiffer sentence or fine since you did not complete the terms of your probation.
They always require the agency/supervisor for whom you are performing the community service to submit a written statement of completion before your probation is terminated -- it has to be filed with the court. If you report 30 hours & the guy you were supposed to be working for says "Who's that?" you're gonna be in much bigger trouble - unless of course your name is Paris Hilton.

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