What does ALL COUNTS DISPOSED mean in legal terms?

My cousin was murdered and the murderer pleaded guilty. However, I just looked at the crimminal record and it said that all counts were disposed. I think he may have been released. Does anyone know what that term means "all counts disposed"?
Answer:   It's not a bad thing. It means "resolved." The phrase simply means no issues remain for the Court to decide since the murderer pled quilty, all counts have been disposed of--there's nothing for the Court to resolve in the trial, only in the sentencing.
It means they were dealt with, not necessarily dropped.
"Disposed" means resolved. Not dismissed.

A count may be disposed by someone pleading guilty and being sentenced. Or it may be disposed by a dismissal, or by an acquittal.

"All counts" means each of the charges, if the person is charged with having committed multiple crimes.

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