Can the welfare people find out your personal informations like if you have bank accounts? If not who can?

My friend's girlfriend says the welfare people cannot get your bank records unless you tell them you have a bank and you allow them to look. Is this true?
Answer:   Yes they can, they have a program that runs your social security number and they check with the Department of Workforce Development to see if your working. Big Brother is watching us and how do you think that they won't find out - Banks report to the Taxes and with welfare and everything being federal money, they all report and talk to one another via computers.
They have your SSN so they can find out just about everything about you.
why? are you going on welfare, and have a bunch of money in the bank...naughty!
Oh yes they can! If you have a bank account they can find out and you can be in big trouble if there is any amount of money in there! Thats welfare fraud!!
well they do ask you, and probably do some type of verification of the answers you provide. if they find out somewhere down the line that you have lied its called fraud and you can be in deep doo doo
A caseworker told me one that they only know what we tell them.
ask the bank tellers
um yes they can. they can find anything out. it is also not worth the risk of doing it. IF they do find out which in the long run they most likely will you can be charged with fraud. and whatever money they have given you you will have to owe back, you will be charged aswell you will never ever get welfare again SO if you ever are in need of welfare or whatever you wont beable to get it. i mean these peop[le even know if you leave the country WHICH you arent allowed to do . they dont make it easy for you thast for damn sure.
Thieves can access your account either if they are on Welfare or Social Security. Just make sure you shred bank information and mail. Be careful with your ID's and cards. If you are on Welfare then you are supposed to share this info anyway.
Well that depends on the state you live in and the laws of that state.
And in most states that is true they cannot access your bank accounts not unless you inform them that you have such accounts.
But remember this if they find out you have one and you lied and you were receiving money from welfare,you will have to pay back the money given to you by Welfare and you could face legal problems for things like Fraud and Giving False Information,think about that ok
They have your social security number so if they want to do a search against a bank's database they can--- I know the Probation dept, child support and other government agencies periodically do such search if you owe money. If you lie to the public assistance program about your assets and you collect assistance based on those lies you are committing fraud! and you will be punished if you get caught!

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