Would officials of the IRS & Federal Reserve be punished for...?

...embezelment, attempt to defraud & treason if representative Ron Paul wins as our Commander in Chief? I've talked with a couple guys related to my employment & several others not related that have told me that being both agencies are literally conducting business illegally, & that an attempt to defraud or fraud has been comitted on & to federal property & others, that there is no statute of limitations. Is this true? I also have seen the freedom to fascist movie but it mentioned NOTHING about punishment regarding corrupt officials. Any body with legal knowledge on this issue please respond as I have NO experience in law of any kind.

Ron Paul may have some good ideas, but some of the people following him are absolutely clueless.

The IRS is NOT acting illegally, at least in most respects. There may be a few IRS agents that get a little overzealous and cross the line, but for the most part, the IRS is acting within the law. Income taxes are legal, BTW, no matter what you've read or what some tax protestor has told you.

The Federal Reserve is another GOVERNMENT agency that is always the target of some conspiracy theory. The Federal Reserve is setup under and follows U.S. Code, Title 12, Chapter 3. That is the law governing the Federal Reserve.
LMAO!ROTF!! I suppose your friends have a armed compound too? Your friends don't have a clue dude. The other wackos who push this propaganda offically in court wind up in prison. Every one of them.
who's Ron Paul lol.

come on BOBO, you dont honestly think this will happen do you


As much as I would love to see some of this actually take place - I am not niaeve enough to believe that it will. Even if RP wins - he wont go after any of these guys - he will just them down and move forward - tyring to hash out the past and detail the damages of the last 70 years is too big a task - it would take more money then its worth to even bother trying to prosecute any one of them

The IRS may be enforcing the tax code incorrectly - but to formally charge every employee and bring them to justice woudl be ludicrous - anyone who files tax forms gives the IRS permission to validate the data provided - this is perfectly legal - its the going after people who dont file when they arent required that is the wrong enforcement

The fedral reserve - while its printing fiat money and screwing over the economy - is still a legal entity - private or not doesnt matter - the federal reserve was authorized to exist by law which was enacted by congress - how can you prosecute someone for doing what they were authorized to do - regardless of how bad it was done - it was still legal

NO - prosecution will not take effect - we can drem about all we want -but it wont happen

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