My boss is trying to get me to quit so she won't have to pay unemployment. Can she do that?



IF ANYTHING, make her fire you! YEP fire you but be very careful doing that!!! THERE are GOOD CAUSES for firing and you won't get a dime such as, tardiness, absentism, fighting on the job....stuff that is harmful to the company. BUT there is ONE thing they can fire you for that will allow you to get your compensation. THAT'S THE INABILITY TO PERFORM YOUR DUTIES TO THE SATISFACTION OF THE EMPLOYER. What does that mean? That means, for instance if your job is to cook an egg over easy, but your egg ALWAYS come out well done, or you are suppose to screw a cap on something but everytime you do the cap falls off, or you are suppose to type something but your spelling and punctuation are on and so on... and then the employer is upset just because every freaking thing you do is wrong,wrong,wrong not the way she/he want it done; they feel you are just too freaking dumb to do anything right ...your job performance is considered just completely intolerable and you just have to get a pink slip; you just have to go because of it.

After quitely leaving...YOU head straight for the unemployment office GRINNING all the way.
UNEMP.COMPENSATION OFFICE, here you come!!. OF course you didn't know this "unable to perform" information and MOST DEFINITELY NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW YOU DELIBERATELY DIDN'T KNOW HOW TO DO AN EGG OVER EASY...all this just happened! You need your job and the employer never explained how she wanted the job done etc etc...

IF YOU ARE DENIED YOUR CLAIM...always,always,always, without exceptions ask for a cost you nothing and all the examiners don't know all of the UC LAWS. The redetermination gets you in to see the referees who are like lawyers and they also are not for you or against you, not for the claims examiners or against them, not for the employers or against the employers...THEY ARE REFEREES and they go by legalities.

LETS HOPE YOUR BOSS ain't reading this cos she/he won't fall for the GIP....smiles. But the company cannot afford for you to keep "messin'g up" so they will come down on you harder by watching your every move, i.e. time on breaks, lunches which comes under punctuality if you are one minute late and have been warned (they know this law about warnings ), they'll watch time on phones or computer, then they can successfully fire you with no compensation to you from the agency.

The unemployment office workers are not allow to give you any of this kind of information. They are neutral entities, meaning they are neither for you or against you, neither for the employers or against the employers. THEY HAVE STRICT laws governing their jobs and can be terminated if they ignore it to satisfy even their own families or friends.

THEY HAND out A BOOK, which most people don't read, that is very informative.

Anyway, I hope this is helpful and I hope you come out on galls me how the rich always tries to take advantage of the poor.
I guess it depends on how she's trying to make you quit.
She can only do that if you quit. Let them make your life miserable if need be. This has happened to me. Do NOT quit. They will win. Its better to just stick it out and make them fire you.
She can try, but she can't make you quit.

Ask for a big severance package if you quit and maybe she'll bargain with you since she doesn't want to pay unemployment.

You could also document what she's doing to try to get you to quit and you could file a complaint with the Dept of Labor.
If you can prove she forced you out, it is possible to claim unemployment even if you quit. Contact your unemployment office to see what you will need as evidence.
It depends on how much crap you can take from her.
Some employers are very good at it. It happens all the time.
If you quit, then you can lose out on unemployment benefits. But if she has done things like change your hours, changed the location of where you work (such as at an office a lot farther from home), or has been harassing you, etc. then you can quit and still get it. Just be sure you have proof!!!!
Only if you let her, maybe you can work out a agreement that's lets you resign with a letter of recommendation, when you look for another job it's better to have a recommendation than unemployment. Even if you are fired, it is not certain you will get unemployment
No, she can not make you quit. If she fires you for a valid reason she can fight paying unemployment. However, if the reason is invalid then the co. has to pay. Don't let her get you to the point where you quit. Many employers would rather the employee quit so they don't pay unemployment.
Yea if she's trying to make you quite make them fire you. Or just find a better job and tell them where to stick it!!!!!!
my boss does that all the time...not nice, but not illegal either, and usually not worth fighting about with the labor board
No she can NOT do that.

But let her try, that way you can sue her and the company for laboral harrasment.

Contact you union representative. Or the Labor Bureau of your state.

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