Someone is tapping my phone need help?

i know someone is tapping my phone for sure, now my question is if i change my number is there still ways on tapping my phone even with a new number, or do i need to get a new phone,and by the way i never give this person my number i know he paid of a cop to get my number im a 100 percent sure he did

Land line, I assume? If he has access to the NID, it won't matter what number you have.

If you KNOW you're being tapped (and how DO you know), then you can call the cops. But why don't you start by calling your phone company? They might be able to help, IF you have convincing evidence of your claim.

If that fails, you might want to hire a private investigator to set up a counter-measure.
I have a wonderful solution for you: Stop being so paranoid. Your phone isn't being tapped and changing your number won't help even if it was. No offense, but if you are over 15 then something's wrong with you.
We Are listening and watching at ALL times..
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Be careful you do not use clues to come to wrong conclusions. There are many ways people can get information about you, in which you may have no idea how they got it.

Knowing a person's phone # is a totally different subject from tapping it & listening in on the conversations.

You do not need to know the phone #, to put a microphone where you can listen to what is said, or have it connected to a tape recorder.

Depending on where the tap is placed, it is possible that replacing the phone means the tap is now inside the phone that you replaced.

I do not know what the expense is, but a person can use detection equipment in a building to sweep to detect bugs & taps that are inside the building. That won't detect taps that are on the phone line running to the central office.

This also does not help if you are using wireless on your personal computer and have not set it up to block unauthorized access by anyone outside the building with a wireless port. New computers tend to come with their wireless ports wide open, so unsuspecting customers computers will be wide open to the entire criminal world.

If you don't care who in the world can see anything you have on your computer, and don't care if it gets trashed by spyware, viruses, etc. then you need not worry about this. Most rational people should learn enough to close the security holes that the computer manufacturers and retailers supply us for whatever mentally ill logic justifies this practice.

If you are 100 percent sure of what you say, and you can collect evidence to prove these people did this stuff, then you can go through the criminal justice system and get these people in jail.

You can call the phone company and ask them to check your line, if you are using a normal land line. You do not have to tell them WHY you want them to check it. They will find out if it is being tapped. If the tapping is by a police search warrant or patriot act FISA court order, the phone company cannot tell you about that, but any other tapping, they are obligated to report to the authorities.

If you are using a cell phone or mobile phone, that signal is broadcast by radio in which other people can listen in. For example, a police scanner can be bought or manufactured from parts from electronic stores, then used to listen in on conversations in adjacent automobiles, houses, etc. This is illegal unless done by police using appropriate judge authorization, but it is a private crime activity against which there is not much enforcement.

So if you don't want people able to listen in on your stuff, do not use cellular or mobile, use land lines which have been checked by your phone company.

Now suppose you change your phone #.
That has absolutely no effect on any tap already on that same line.

This is like you having some spy stuff on your computer, and you change your ISP. The spy stuff is still on your computer.

Additional Info

Often weird stuff happens with no obvious logical explanation. I deal all the time with people who have had some computer problem. They don't know for sure what caused it, but they have a speculation, then they come to me to complain about the thing, in which what they talk about is what their speculation is ... they are not telling me what really happened, what evidence they got, so I have to do some digging to find what is fact, then explore from there.

You too are doing this. You saw something that made no sense, you speculated what might be happening, then you come ask about that speculation. This is human nature, but that approach does not help get you a solution.

If you go to phone company for help, do not be telling them that the green men from the UFO are invading your home, or the friend of friend has messed up your phone, or whatever your theory is. Either tell them NOTHING about your speculation, and focus exactly on what the evidence is, or first ask them to do a check on the line, and only if they find nothing wrong, then ask about the evidence.

Years ago, when I picked up the phone I could hear the radio station across the street. This is because of some short circuit over there.

A co-worker told me he picked up his phone and heard a conversation I was having with an outside caller. This was because of some prior error with phone settings for internal conference calls.

My computer is now on a private land circuit, but years ago it was on same line as a mobile phone in the home. When the phone was off the handset, I could hear local taxi service calls on my computer, because we were using the same frequency.
Contact your phone company. They can help you.
IF your phone is being tapped, the actual PHYSICAL line is being tapped. Changing your number is a computer entry at the phone company and has NOTHING to do with the physical line. The symptoms you describe sound more like an error in the phone company computers. Call the phone company, describe the problem, and give both your number and his.. They will have it corrected within 24 hours.
get phone company to check the line, don't use that phone anymore.Take it to a repair shop or something like that and get them to look inside the phone to see if they find a bug.If it was a local cop that helped this person I would report them and if you need to call the FBI for wire tapping.
It may not be that your phone is tapped. It could be that there is a wire crossed with the phone company. Call them they should be able to fix it. It happens every once in a while.

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