How many pedophiles are there in America? No jokes or stupid answers please. This is a research project. thx

I am looking for actual studies with estimated numbers. Not looking for an exact number. If you have information please site the reference. Thank you very much for your help.
Answer:   There is no way of knowing, but it's estimated that those who are caught & convicted represent about 1/3 of the total pedophile population in the U.S.

When I supervised a parole office for the Illinois Dept. of Corrections, we would have about 2000 sex offenders on parole at any given time. Most of those people were pedophiles, and they only represent the ones on parole.

Then you have the ones who are in prison, the ones who are in jail, the ones on probation, the ones who are done with parole, and then the ones who have not been caught or convicted (the majority).

Basically... it's a lot of people. A staggering number to say the least. There are two registered sex offenders living within six blocks of me. Again, those are only the ones in my neighborhood who have been caught. That means I can probably expect there are four more out there who haven't been caught. Could be anybody.
nearly 500,000 registered sex offender . That the ones that be caught. Some pedophiles think about it but never commit the crime.
We are creating more and more everyday by the music which is made, the porn we produce and the way our young girls in America dress as adults. As for the amount? I would say it's reaching 50,000,000 but most hide the fact that they are one.

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