How long do people stay on the sex offender list and how do they get on the list?

how serious of a sex crime do they have to do to be on the sex offender list? Is the sex crime only related to children or do this apply to adults as well?how long do they be on the list for? what rules do they have to follow?

Answers: all states are the same... most, however, list all sexual offenders "for-ever" is very serious. The crime(s) can apply to both children and adults... (bottom line... don't commit sex crimes... it's the "scarlet letter" for life)

My personal belief (not necessarily yours or anyone else) sexual criminals and predators should be euthanized...
Any crime that is considered a sex crime that they have been convicted of counts. They will be on the list forever, and need to register anew each time they move. It is never erased. The rules they must abide by vary from state to state.
They stay on the list for life. And they get on it for any sexual crime.Even if it was just one rape. And they all follow the same rules. Cannot live near places where children gather and such. In the state of Florida, I do believe they now have GPS tracking chips inplanted so the state can keep track of them.
They have to register for life, and they have to register every time they move (within like 5 days, usually) and within 5 days of their birthday each year. Most also have restrictions on contact with children and with alcohol, and if their convictions are recent, they are also usually on parole or probation, which is another set of rules as well, which differ depending on the person and the crime.
The laws vary from state to state. In Texas most people are on for life. Exceptions are made for some misdemeanors. Any crime considered "sexual" can land you on the list. Consensual sex among teens, urinating in public, streaking are among the bizarre things. Even a teen viewing a nude picture of a girlfriend that is under the age of consent is considered child pornography. It does apply to adults as well. If someone urinates in public and an adult sees then the urinator will land himself on the registry. People need to understand that not all sex offenders are child molesters. We need to make the registry do what it was originally intended to do which is to track dangerous pedophiles. It is becoming so diluted with people that aren't a threat that people may have a hard time distinguishing who is a real danger.

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