How long does it take for a misdemeanor to come off your record?

This is for not returning lost property, that happened in 2000, in California.

Never comes off.
check with the civil courts in California.
hahahahaha unless it happened while you were UNDER THE AGE OF 18, it NEVER comes off your record. once you are convicted of ANY crime as long as you are 18 and over, it stays with you FOREVER and must be reported on ALL job applications that as "HAVE YOU EVER BEEN CONVICTED OF A CRIME OTHER THEN A TRAFFIC INFRACTION?".. if it says "HAVE YOU EVER BEEN CONVICTED OF A FELONY?"---you can say NO unless you HAVE.. but, you don't ERASE crimes once you get them on your record...
It will remain there but, after time passes, it really doesn't mean much of anything. That is, unless you do something else and get convicted.
It never comes off your record unless you were a juvenile when it happened, and in that case, your record is just sealed after you turn 18. However; the record can still be dug up by able-minded bodies. The only other way to get something off your record is to have it expunged. You will need to hire a lawyer to do that, but it is generally a fairly simple task. As long as it is not a traffic related offense and it happened more than three years ago, the DA usually grants it if you take the proper steps. But your criminal record will never disapear on its own. You would be surprised how many people think that and are shocked to find out that it does not just "disapear" after a while.
The way I see California, it was probably cleared three days later just to get it off the books so that a tree hugger could find a great big tree to make love to in celebration of yet another person being free.
I work in human resources and run criminal background checks on people every day. I can tell you that no conviction ever comes off your record. Not even juvenile records. Not even misdemeanors. Not even arrests, regardless of a conviction or not. Sorry. Your only option is to go to the clerk of courts in your county and request that the conviction be expunged. It costs money, $750 in my state,and takes quite some time. Felonies can not be expunged and you must have no other felonies on your record in order for the desired conviction to be expunged.
It doesnt come off. You can go to city hall or the court house and ask for an expongment form to get it exponged ( not sure I am spelling this correct but it is as it sounds) and this is a request for the judge to take it off your record. I did this four times with the same and only record and each time it was refused. It gave me a penol code too why it was denied but I don't know what that penol code is. Good luck.
Never...unless you have it expunged

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