When you put money up for bail do you get it back if you don't flee?

And if you get the money back why do you see people sueing to get money they lent for bail?

If you put up all the money yourself, and dont flee you get it all back . Some areas charge a very small percentage of the bail whne they give it back. I dont think it is in all areas though.

If you get the money from a bailbondman they put up the money in exchange for collateral. They chage a fee for this though. If the person runs they have to foot the bail though. That is were skip-tracers, bountyhunters come in. They will bring back the person so the bail is not lost.
As long as the person shows of for thier court appearance, you will get your money back.
If you put it up, you get it back. If a bail bondsman puts it up, he gets it back. If you show up for trial, you do not get back the "bail premium" which you pay the bail bondsman.

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