Did George W Bush break the law?

Al Gore accused President Bush of breaking the law by authorizing wiretaps on U.S. citizens. President Bush maintains he had a legal right and duty to protect U.S. citizens. Do you feel this is necessary for our own protection? Did he break the law?

So, I can't remember the name of the law (but I have read it), but there is definetly a law (which was passed by congress, I think in the '70s) that explicitly prohibits ordering/performing wiretaps without a court order. In authorizing wiretaps without a warrent, President Bush most certainly broke the law.

As for whether it was necessary, there is a procedure by which government agencies can obtain a warrent. They need to demonstrate probably cause to believe the person whose conversations they will be recording is involved in criminal activity. Bush did not follow this procedure because he (or rather his staff) either could not or would not demonstrate probable cause. If these wiretaps were truely necessary for our protection, he would have been able to demonstrate that in court and obtain a warrent. In my opinion, unlawful wiretaps violate the very freedoms we're supposedly fighting to protect.
hell yeah you know he did when hillary clinton makes a big deal about it.

plus bush is an idiot you need to watch ferinhight 911
I believe he did if he didn't get a vote in Congress to do so, Why? because it violates the invasion of privacy in our Constitution. I don't think the President should make decisions that concerns its people without a plural authorization from Congress whom represent "the people". This sounds like dictatorship to me.
No dought Mr Bush uses crucial measures even violeting the laws usinn un umbrela of protecting America interests.
no he did not break the law.yes it was nessesary to prevent another 9/11
simply put..yes. Bush kind reminds me of something the germans did... you know..the S.S. Doing their hidden spying on their own people back in the day with their technology. Not to mention...we invaded a country whom didn't fight for their freedom was handed to them...and forceing them to have a democracy....kinda like hitler going into a country taking it over and turning it into a dictator ship...sounds familar...just bush isn't causing mass genocide.
Does it matter! He is president, voted in by the people of America to represent America and its actions. He does what he feels right as probably the most powerful man in the world.

We all break the law, next time you are going just 1km an hour over the speed limit in your car your breaking the law...

What is law, is it in place to protect others, if the answer to this is yes and Bush believes that he did what he did to protect others then NO he did not break the law.

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