Why do people draw pictures during court?

On tv, you see that all the time during cases there's always someone drawing pictures of the people involved. Why does that happen? What purpose does it serve and why not just use a camera??

Most courts do not allow cameras, since it could divert the proceedings from their primary purpose. Remember the O.J circus? People were "performing" for the cameras, rather than doing their job. It is to avoid this circus, most courts don't allow cameras.

Now in high profile cases, people want the pictures. After all, if there are no pictures, we might as well stick with the radio:-))
many judges do not allow cameras into their court -- so newspapers and tele-media hire art individucals to draw what is going on
Beats me... I'm very curious about this too:D
they're not allowed to use cameras in most courts
Cameras are not permitted in Court.

Oddly enough though, a closed Court is called in camera!! Go figure the British legal system! Strange.
because in some countrys taking pictures with a camera is illegal
I believe that they are used for the Sunday "funnies"
keeps the guy awake and he gets to practice his hobby free as the client is paying through his nose anyway, best of both worlds is it not

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