If i get $40 in gas at a gas station, then walk in to pay with a $100 bill, then the attendent checks it ..

to make sure its real (and it is real), but he refuses to accept the $100 bill and asks you to pay with a smaller bill, but the $100 is all you have...and he still refuses to accept the $100 bill, what happens next? does he have a right to decline the $100 bill? how would the cops handle the situtation? is it illegal for the attendent to decline the $100 bill? and lets assume he did have change to break the $100 bill and the $100 bill is real?

he needs to find a way to break it..it's their fault if it wasn't posted at the pump...let him called the cop's you haven't done anything wrong
He can refuse it but why would he? Unless it is posted on the pumps and doors that he won't take it, that would be stupid.
you can call the cops. if they determine it's real, he should take it or suffer the 40 dollar loss in gas. if the bill is not real, you can get arrested.
Of course, the attendant is being a jagoff. there are many ways to tell if currency is real, like the yellow pen that many cash changing businesses have, or look for the watermark, or the band in the bill if you hold it up to the light.
Yes, he has a right to decline payment. At which point you have the legal right to leave without paying.

You tendered (offered) payment. And federal law requires cash to be accepted -- "this bill is legal tender for all debts public and private".

The clerk refusing to accept your offer of payment excuses you from having to pay at that time.

The store can sue you under a quantum meruit theory -- because you got something you didn't pay for -- but they bear the court costs, and even if they sue, you'd only have to pay what you originally owed.
I dunno what the law says, but if I were a cop that was called to an incident like this, I would go to my bank and get change for a $100 bill and bring it back to the gas station to you and trade you for your $100 bill so you could pay for your gas and the problem would be solved. But, like I said, I don't know what the law is about it.
I don't see how he could decline to take it if its legal U S tender.
nobody hav rigth to refuse like tht unless u r using fake currency...
so don't worry babyy...cop is gona help u to resole tht problem
even i m with u
not to worry
everything l b fine
"mai hon na"
He would have to accept the $100 bill as long as it is legal tender. The only thing is most stations don't like to take large bills due to the fact they are supposed to keep about $100 in the register total. If that is all you have however they have to take it especially if you have already pumped the gas.
I assume there are bad 100's floating around and the gas guy will be stuck if he takes a bad bill.....I havent had a 100 in ten years,,nothing bigger than a twenty.ever.I get them from the cash machine..
A gas station attendant has to take the hundred dollar bill if
it is real U.S. Currency. If it is "counterfit" and you call the
police. You will be charged with passing a counterfit bill. and
in counterfitting, some of the experts are having a difficult time
telling the difference. So get fifty dollar bills or less. <l:-})-{*
Certain companies have policies on being able to break a large bill like that. It is not illegal for them to refuse your large bill. I used to work for a gas company and it's supposed to keep large amounts of cash out of the till. Deposits into the safe are required so it's hard to keep a whole lot around for change. But sounds like it's stupidity on his part. With that amount of the sale, how else are you gonna pay it with? I know when this happened to me, I gave them 3 choices 1) pay with a credit card. 2) Pay by check or 3) stick around until I had enough to give him change with. I'm curious to know the outcome, you never mentioned what you had to do...
there is may be a notice as to what size bill they will accept on the pump.so it up to you to read the pump before you buy. reason--funny money"if you read the paper watch the TV news you would know this.
I work at a gas station, in an area that has many well off customers. I have to break larger bills like that many times a day. It is a law that if you are attempting to pay, the cashier must accept that payment as long as it is legal. However, you must also except the change, regardless of how it is given. So if the guy wanted to be more of a jerk, he could have given it all back in pennies. I am sorry that your friend had such a bad experience with someone like that. next time, have the guy call the police, or better yet, have your friend call. That way the police will be on her side.

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