Can the repo man take a car if there is a private property and no treaspassing sign posted?

Yes. You probably have it somewhere in your contact about them being able to take it from private property if you fail to pay. Also most contracts have a breech of peace clause. Which basically says, if you make a sign, jump on the car while it's being or attack the repo man, the bank will not be responsibile for what happens to you and you may be liable for damages in civil court.

But if the car is behind a fence or in a garage, that can be an issue.
They don't care.
Yes, based on the fact present.


There have been two issues raised so I will address both.

If the car is behind a fence and there is no lock on the fence and nothing impeeding the car or needing to be moved, then there is nothing stopping recovery.

If the car is behind a locked fence, then the lock cannot be cut to gain entrance.

If, in the case of a garage, the garage door is closed, there can be no entry made. If there is, this would constitute burlary of a residence.

ALSO, if the repo man has a valid court order or order of repossession and you inhibit him/her from taking possession, you can be held legally and civilly liable .
yes because if the repo man is there it's still the banks car. Meaning untill you pay it off. The banks has just loaned it to you.
If he can get the hook on it, get it off the property without doing any damage to gates or fences or anything else, Yep, car go bye bye and the cops won't do a thing.
Yes, it doesn't matter if it's posted to keep out.
in California if you come out and catch him in the act, he must stop the repo at that time, but he wont because you dont know that. if your gate is locked and signs are posted, he will still come in , because once he drags the car off your property, you cant prove it was ever inside..just make your payments
Yes absolutely. Further, they could go so far as to call the cops and be protected by the law while they gather up all the stuff you didn't pay for. Which they are anyway, an official doesn't have to be there.

No they can not damage property in order to gain access to it, and yes you can be held liable if you were to try to impede them (assault). If you don't pay your bills the bank considers the property stolen and have given the repo man right to act on their behalf to recover their property.
all he has to was out in the street....

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