Is it illegal for a mother to sun bathe and walk around topless in front of teenage son?

Answer:   No, it is not illegal.

I personally don't see anything with a Mother or father for that matter... walking around naked in front of her own children, as long as she is not sexully abusing them.. if she is just naked..there is no problem there..
. when she is old, and can not do for herself these are the people that will have to bath, her, change her clothes, wipe her.. and so forth.. for get when she's old.. she might become gravely ill and her children have to take care of her tomorrow...

if she is naked in front of other people there is a problem..
no,but it is kinda creepy.
Thats sick! It may not be illegal but it's nasty as hell!
No, lucky you. If your mother or whomever's mother is comfortable with it, I find no reason to complain, unless you are offended by it.
It is creepy to say the least.

Only if she is fat, old, lumpy, and dumpy.

If she is hot - then she should walk around in front of his friends - and especially their dads.
No, but it is very tacky.and for god s sake cover up when his friends come over...

it is creepy you want to be THAT mom?
Probably not illegal, SICK yes.
In most states, it is now. CPS will jerk the kid out of there and try to send the mother to prison. When she gets out, she'll be branded a sexual offender and not allowed near any kids.
Yeah thats wierd! That moms a freak!
That's just creepy here in the States.
No, but wheither its in good taste is a different question.
Illegal? Nasty?....Oh yeah!
That is very weird. Actually, yes I believe it is illegal especially with those incestous atmosphere. tread lightly.
This is a great illustration of the strange attitudes Americans have about bodies and sexuality. In Europe, most women of all ages and shapes go to the beach topless and in many places will sunbathe topless in public parks. Nobody cares, nobody stares (except tourists). They're just breasts. Get over it.
Well wow this is tricky...Is it legal to sun bathe? Sure in the privacy of your own home. Is it ethical or morally sound to walk around topless in front of your teen age son? NO! The thought of that creeps me out! Why would any mother want to do that?
I'm sure there are authorities that would say this is a form of abuse. It really shouldn't be happening. If it's your mom, why don't you tell her that you don't feel it's right. I can't understand why a mother would do such a thing. It sounds like she really has issues that need dealt with. And NOT in this way!
It depends on whether or not topless sunbathing is legal where the incident occured. I think it may be a little creepy, but as they say, different strokes for different folks. For example, have you ever seen a shirt on one of the women from national geographic? You wont see any one with clothing on at a nudist colony, men women children..noone, its not necessarily sexual, but I'm not a nudist so, I still find it odd.
Seriously folks, it is illegal if the teenage son (or anyone else) complains to the authorities. It could be construed as harrassment (any act or utterance which makes another person feel very uncomfortable). It could also be considered an "assault" which has a more expanded definition in legal circles. Call a lawyer-friend or phone a law teacher at a local college or university. I'm sure the latter would be very pleased to explain it better than I can do here, in limited space.
If it's the privacy of her home, no it is not illegal.

It's in horrible taste, and the kid might need therapy for a long long time, but it's not illegal.
What it he big deal, so he saw his mother baby food delivery system.

My mom never sunbathed topless but I was in my early teens when she was feeding my baby sister. And I saw that. I think I turned out ok.
Probably not, but it is sick.

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