Emergency room charges.?

For an Emergency Room visit, can the Hospital and the ER Doctor charge you individually for the same things? Essentially I am getting charged twice.?

Yes, they can. Most ER doctors are not employees of the hospital. Their agency will send you a bill for their services.
The charges for the emergency room are charges for the supplies and the space you used while you were there. Physician charges are for the cost of the doctor's services. It is legal and it is common practice
If you believe that you received a billing error, call the hospitals billing department and get it straighten out directly with them.

Sometimes, people do get billed separately, one bill for the emergency room and the other for the attending physician.

Good Luck.
Look at your bill closely. It's possible that you are charged for different things that were performed during your visit. If you had x-rays or lab work then they might be charged separately. If that's not the case then you should probably give the billing departments of both of these places a phone call.
Generally, the actual doctor who treats you charges separately.

You pay for the doctor; and you pay for the ER room charges, which includes renting your space, equipment and pays for the nurses and hospital staff members.

It gets pretty expensive if you are not insured.
the hospital charges your for the room, and any supplies and equipment needed for your stay. the doctor charges separately for his/her services. You may also get bills from a radiologist if you had x-rays that needed interpreted and also bills for laboratory services.

You aren't getting charged twice, there are simply different billing entitities for different functions. It's all very confusing.

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