What does it mean when someone places a lien against your home?

I had an inground pool and screened lanai installed in my home in Nov. 2006. The total price was $32900. The contract stated that the company would install reinforcement bars before pouring the concrete slab for my lanai. They did not. The lanai cracked down the middle from one end to the other and goes to the ground on one end. I did pay them the last installment of $3800 because they refused to fix it. They stated it was not in my contract, when I showed them the contract they said it "wasn't supposed to be in there because that's not what they usually do". So now...they have placed a claim of lien against my home. What does this mean?
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A Claim of Lien is a validly recorded claim against the property for payment of the unpaid balance due. If the lienor successfully forecloses on the property, the property will be sold by judicial sale and the lienor will be paid from the proceeds of sale. The filing of a Claim of Lien is specifically authorized by Florida Statutes ยง 713.08 which reads, in part, as follows:...

Practical tips:

If a Claim of Lien is filed against your property, speak with an experienced construction attorney immediately.
You should not assume that the Claim of Lien is legally enforceable, and you should not assume that the amount claimed is valid.
Remember that even if you pay the Claim of Lien in full, it is still possible that the Lienor may not pay his subcontractors and suppliers. Under Florida law, this could result in you having to pay twice (or even three or four times) for the same work. An experienced lawyer can protect your property from the filing of additional liens and can help you avoid having to pay for the same work more than once.
If your contractor is having financial problems and is not paying the bills, get legal help right away. Don't assume that paying suppliers and subcontractors directly will protect your property from Liens. Oftentimes this practice will needlessly increase construction costs and will still result in Liens against your property.
Never make any payments to anyone without first receiving a Release of Lien and a Sworn Affidavit stating that all persons performing work and delivering materials have been paid in full.
Any agreement (even in writing) by a Contractor to satisfy a Claim of Lien filed by one of his subcontractor or sub-subcontractor is not enforceable against the Lienor. Simply put, your Contractor cannot agree on behalf of someone else to release their Claim of Lien.
I think it means.. that you ow then and refuse to pay, so they want to take it from your property.
It means nothing until you go to sell your home, and then the money could be taken from the proceeds of the sale and given to them. Which would be fine if we were talking about back due child support or something, but in this case, if something was stated in the contract and they did not uphold it, they breached the contract. You should be suing them, to get them to fix it and to get the lien removed. Talk to a lawyer in your area.
you better get an attorney. a lein against any property means if they do not get their payment, they can take the property. the pool company probably cannot do this...i think only banks and governments (for taxes) can do this but i would be contacting a lawyer to find out what you need to do. DO NOT lose any of the original contract. if it is in writing, it doesn;t matter what you or they say---it only matters what the contract says.
The lien mean you must pay this off before you can sell your house. Take them to court and get this lien removed.
A lien is a legal claim against your property as security for the payment of debt. It gives the contractor the right to prevent the sale of your property to satisfy the debt, or possibly acquire it if you do not pay. The lien will be removed when the terms of the contract are satisfied.

But, if your contract has the provisions you state, you have a strong position. YOU should be the aggressor.
>> I did pay them the last installment of $3800 because they refused to fix it. <<

Did you mean to say you did NOT pay it? Lien claims are technical & can be costly. They can foreclose on the lien & it will cost a lot more than $3800. You absolutely need to see a lawyer with whom you can discuss all the facts.

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