NO REFUNDS?, store credit only, is this legal?

Ok i brought a dvd from HMV but I didn't realise i already had one. So i asked for a refund, they refused and gave me money on a card.

Surely this is illegal?

It's legal if you opened the dvd case. Otherwise, I don't see why they didn't give you the refund. Store policy?
If the policy is clearly posted, it is legal.
Nope. It is legal anyway they do not have to post anything. When you purchase something UCC law is clear. Ownership has changed. They are being nice offering to exchange it but you bought it you own it.

uh, Welcome to the EU (you are now their Btch!)
They dont have to refund if there is nothing wrong with a product.
Not sure, you could check with Citizens Advice, doesn't seem fair to me!!
Many companies will issue store credit if you don't have the receipt. In this case, the refund will be in full but in store credit. Yes, it is legal.
its legal if they have it posted somewhere.. even if its a tiny sign in the window.. thats their disclaimer notification..
no it isnt illegal. stores have the right to do that.
It's legal if it's the shop's policy or you don't have a receipt for your purchase !! :)
No, it's not illegal especially where CD's, DVD's and other types of software are sold since most can be copied/pirated... It's up to the consumer to ask, or read the return policy before the transaction is completed.. So, save the DVD for someone as a gift.. Or could you possibly exchange it for an even credit? Was the DVD opened? good luck
No, I think it is legal to give store credit instead of a refund, if store policy is made known to customers in advance of their purchase, like in the way of a posted sign.
Not at all as far as i no. you got your money back but on a card so that you have to spend it there
i dont think they have to give refunds, i only question this, its so annoying when they refuse refunds, although i kick up such a fuss i normally get one :)
you bought you did not want it no legal redress whatsoever perfectly legal
the only time you can demand a cash refund is when the item is not fit for the purpose it was sold

I always thought that if you returned an item with the receipt then you are able to get a refund and if you have no receipt then its store credit.
There was nothing wrong with it. You just changed your mind so you should think yourself lucky that they even gave you a store credit. It is perfectly legal.
it is legal very much so but its not good for return customers
It's legal. You bought and there's nothing wrong with it. You were lucky to get credit.
no its not illegal, if its faulty then they must give you a replacement, otherwise, credit in store is good, if we all thought we could get a refund, we would watch it then take it back. shops would not do good business then, take the credit, put it towards something else instead
In law your only allowed a refund if the item is unfit for purpose (faulty) if you buy something by mistake its at the shops discretion and most shops will only give you a credit note in exchange
did you provide a reciept as proof of purchase?without a reciept, they would only offer you a credit/gift voucher.Was all the packaging intact if it had any like cellophane wrap which had been taken off they will class it as not in the condition they sold it and therefore would not offer you a refund unless it was faulty.If they have clearly stated their refund policy in store with signage you should have had a refund, however I work in customer services and know from experience that many people, and I'm not saying you for one minute, will buy a dvd, copy it and return it as faulty, this is a common scam that retailers have to be vigilant about.

just noticed your addtional details in that case you should have been offered a cash refund/or refunded back onto your credit/debit card depending how you paid for it, or you have been offered a replacement item for the same value.
It is legal
As far as I understand, if the goods are faulty ( not of "Merchantable Quality" ie fit for the purpose for which they were intended), by law they have to give a refund. If they refuse you get Trading Standards involved.

If you just change your mind about a product but there is nothing actually wrong with it they are not bound by law to refund your money or give you any refund, so you were lucky that they gave you the money on a card.
It is perfectly legal, when you purchase an item you essentially consent to the terms of their sales agreement.

It is a contract. At HMV or at least any of the HMV's I have been at it is a posted policy and any employee will be able to tell you what it is.

Store credit only is an entirely legal alternative as you agreed to the terms of sale when you purchased the item.

Places like HMV are bound by copyright laws, anti piracy laws and intellectual properties laws. It is entirely reasonable that they do not give refund as in many cases they legally cannot.
I don't really see what the problem is. If you've shopped there once, you are more than likely to shop there again. When you do, use the credit you got from your refund. Sorry to be so blunt but it's not like you are being ripped off.

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