I heard that Florida is a "right to work state" whats that mean?

Means you cannot be forced to join a union to get a particular job.
Not sure what you mean by "right to work state," but Florida is an employment at will state, meaning any employer can terminiate an employee whenever they want - so long as it was not done for an unconstitutional reason (discriminatory). It also means that any employee in florida can quit his/her job without any reprecussions. The only time this would not be true is if the employer and employee had excuted an employment contract for a specified period of time.
The first responder was correct. It has to do with Unions.
the answer is the employer can fire you and hire an immigrant ! who is to stupid to work in his or her country.
Right-to-work has to do with unions. You cannot be forced to join the union to get a job.
"Right to work" states are those that do not require you to join a union in order to work certain jobs. The "right to work" is not intended to be a policy to help workers. It is an anti-union act which favors businesses. Florida also allows employers to terminate employees for no reason at all. That also favors businesses. Florida is a very business-friendly state. Not that it matters - there's such a labor shortage here that the fast-food restaurants in my hometown advertise $10.00 per hour plus health and retirement benefits, but still can't get enough workers.

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